Leo September 2016


Leo September 2016

In the turbulent month of September 2016 you have to work very hard to achieve your goals. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 has a big impact on your life. The focus in September 2016 is on finances, relationships and health.

Love and Relationships
September 2016 shows that especially the relationship with your family and neighbors will be affected. Money will play a key role in any kind of relationship. The Solar Eclipse of September 1 in your House of Finances will affect your marriage or existing business partnerships.
Less good relationships will not survive the Eclipses of 2016. For the bachelor Leo, love is light and breezy this month, most of the time it ends up with just a flirt. Manipulation, power games are part of September 2016, especially in the relationship with a Scorpio or Aquarius. Be more aware of the subtle undercurrents of clues. If it gets too complicated, it is advisable to distance yourself. The second half of September 2016 is the best time to make new friends.

Family and Home
Issues about the children's education, finance and holidays have impact on your marriage this month. Important decisions have to be made, but there is much contradiction. Most problems will be solved in October 2016. Listen to your children, their opinion counts as well. From September 10, 2016 the Great Benefactor Jupiter enters your House of Communications, surroundings, short trips, siblings and neighbors. In the coming year Jupiter shows more short trips and city breaks. More communication over the Internet, emails, text messages and phone calls. Your computer, phone or car should be replaced or repaired. Even more contact with siblings, neighbors and relatives. A positive time to resolve any problems. September 2016 shows that family demands much time and attention from you.

Saturn is the planet of your Work. Saturn will be affected by the Eclipse. This indicates a new job or a better position in the company where you work. It indicates changes in your work environment and regulations the company. September 2016 is because of the Eclipses a month of inner strength to realize your dreams. Traveling to promote your business. Education and training lead to success in your career. Students are faced with changes at High school or syllabus. September 2016 is most successful for politicians, economists, investigators, journalists, orators, artists, writers, researchers and analysts. Media, marketing, sales and all areas where intense concentration and an eye for detail are required. Not delegate too much and keep your cards close to your chest. Trust no one at work. Don’t travel too far this month says planet Mars, both professional and personal.

The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 falls in your House of Finance. This indicates major financial changes. More financial resources to build long-term financial security. You change financial planning and investments should be scrutinized. The Full Moon of September 16, 2016 falls in your House of Joint Finance, tax credits and loans. In the next six months you see more revenue and you will be able to meet financial obligations or settle a debt. There are also significant tax changes for the spouse, lover or business partner. Also a good time to go to the notary to settle financial issues or to seek advice on your pension or budget control.
Mercury retrogrades until September 21, 2016 in your House of Finance, so you face financial delay. Saturn squares the Solar Eclipse so you have to work hard to achieve your money, but great deal is to be gained.

September 2016 is beneficial for your health despite the two Eclipses. The Sun is energetically connected to the zodiac sign of Leo. Each Eclipse forces you to redefine yourself. Your appearance, your personality and self-image. In the next six months you undergo a transformation and you develop a new look. Also you’ll be thinking and dreaming about mortality and death. You are faced with your own mortality. But precisely in this confrontation, most positive changes happen. The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 falls in your House of Transformation. Great month for a makeover at the hairdresser or beautician. Pay attention to your skin! You have to make sure you get enough rest this month, because there is a storm going on in your heart. Also a good month to work on your fitness as sports activities. By doing exercises, you feel fit and less tired.

The last week of September 2016 is the best time for a short trip or to meet friends. September 2016 is the month par excellence to make yourself heard. You are very passionate in September 2016 and you're willing to fight for your beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less. You do anything to get the truth. Do not trust offers that are too good to be true. Don’t show your cards, both business and private, because people make advantage of your vulnerabilities. Forewarned is forearmed.