Capricorn September 2016


Capricorn September 2016

September 2016 is marked by two Eclipses. A month of turbulence and change in your life and in the world around you. In September 2016 there will be more opportunities to increase your awareness and inner stability. Career, travel and study are an important part of this month.

Love and Relationships
The first half of the month is favorable for your love life. The second half of the month is devoted your career and therefore love comes in second place. The Moon symbolizes your relationships. With every Lunar Eclipse all your relationships will be tested, both personal and in business. Long-suppressed feelings come to the surface. Valuable relationships survive, but less good relationships will end. In September 2016 you are more focused on yourself and your work. This is at the expense of private life and love. September 2016 is not passionate month. In new relationships, there is restraint. Perhaps you feel trapped and want to get away from it in order to find yourself (again). Insecurity, an inability to express deeper emotions and share form an obstacle to your love life. You are who you are and you can not be what you are not. You can not give what you do not have to a partner who expects too much from you.

Family and Home
September 2016 is a month of career. And that means there is less time for your personal life. Your family supports your career goals. Your professional success depends on a good home base! The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 affects the lives of siblings, uncles, aunts, school and the area where you live. Brothers, sisters and neighbors change and thus respond emotionally. More contact with close relatives and siblings. In the next six months there are short trips around water. Children may leave home to spread their own wings. This month there are gatherings at home with friends and family or you receive an invitation for a family meeting. In your family, there is news of a pregnancy. It also indicates a move, emigration, renovation or home adaptations. There are also changes in your neighborhood such as construction and road closures.

A great month for your career! The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 is a positive six-month period with a chance of recognition and promotion or starting your own business. Your planet Saturn squares the Solar Eclipse, so things become complicated. The Great Benefactor Jupiter travels from September 10, 2016 through your House of Career for next year. This means unprecedented opportunities for your career! The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 indicates a busy time of emails, text messages and phone calls. A computer, mobile phone, car or other means of transport needs to be repaired or replaced. A study of course is possible to advance your career. On September 23, 2016, the Sun enters your House of Career. From that moment on, you are unstoppable! Good month for the conduct of negotiations, especially from September 10, 2016.
Your independent attitude and social contacts play an important role in the growth of your career.

September 2016 indicates that you should be careful with your finances this month. Be critical with large purchases and investments. Cost reduction is recommended this month. Especially the first three weeks of September 2016 could be a real challenge. After that period I see improvement in your the financial situation. Financial strategies should be reviewed this month and the necessary changes will be made. In your private company you have to deal with tough competition, but there is improvement coming up.

Generally, there’s no complaining about your condition this month, Capricorn. However, a healthy diet is very important to stay fit and healthy in September 2016. Pay special attention to your feet. Regular massages and exercises help to keep your body fit and flexible.

September 2016 is an important month of changes and unexpected events.
The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 falls in your House of Travel. It is advisable not to travel far this month. Students have to deal with changes in their study plans this month. Legal issues are related to working conditions and staff. Health and safety legislation are issues in September 2016, so it's good to keep yourself informed.