Cancer September 2016


Cancer September 2016

The planetary power is located on the bottom of the Cancer horoscope. The focus is on your inner experience, transformation, love, family, friends, children, your home and your emotional well-being. Mars, your planet of Career is on a 'holiday' from 19th to September 28 in 2016 (OOB), so nothing much happens in your career in the second half of September 2016. However, this break is the preparation of later positive developments in your career. The two Eclipses this month are positive for the Cancer. But be aware of disturbances and stress especially at home.

Love and Relationships
In September 2016, two-way communication with your partner and family is very important. Listen to each other, talk to each other, don’t delay. Events in September 2016 show the need of good communication. Your partner has a strong will and do not always listen to you. When your partner counteract, you should try to remain calm. Not imposing your will, but supporting your partner. Love is very strong this month. You are willing to fight for your loved one. Passion and sexuality play a leading role in a relationship. In the second half of September 2016 your social life blossoms. A great time to be together with family and friends and make new friends. In current friendships you clean the air. Saturn puts relations to the test. Only the good ones survive. On September 28, 2016 Mars enters your House of Relationships for seven weeks. A time to work together, but also fighting together for the good cause.

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 falls in your House of Communication, short journeys, brothers, sisters and neighbors. In the next six months, there is more communication through emails, text messages and phone calls with your immediate family. There are also short trips or holidays or a home study. Saturn squares the Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016. That means even more obligations and responsibilities at home. There are also profound changes in the lives of brothers, sisters and neighbors. A move may be imminent or changes to the house. The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 falls in the House of Philosophy and Travel. This shows a long voyage to visit family or your family come over to visit you.
There is a conflict at home and in your family involving children and parents on issues from the past. On September 10th, 2016 Jupiter enters your Home and Family and Home. In the coming year there is a move, you want yo buy or sell the house, a renovation or alteration of your home. September 2016, however, is not a good month to buy a house. It's wise to rent first until you are really sure. A hectic month if you work from home. This month, you notice that time is precious.

September 2016 is a good month for psychologists, lawyers, judges and business. With your keen insight, you make very good decisions for yourself, but also for others. You have to learn to delegate and share responsibility. Stop with the tendency to dominate, because that leads to alienation with those with whom you have to work. Also listen to others and give others confidence. You are mentally sharp and excel where intense concentration and analysis is needed. You tell it like it is, but be careful. Not everyone agrees with you. A legal battle or business dispute can become intense in September 2016. You need a lot of patience. Don’t expect quick or easy solutions. The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 has an impact on your career. Traveling abroad should be postponed this month. The Moon is associated with Cancer and is obscured with the Lunar Eclipse. As in March 2016 you have to reinvent yourself, redefine your image and appearance. If you don’t, others will do it for you. In your beliefs, faith, spiritual movement or church are radical changes. Do not change jobs or throw yourself in a business adventure this month.

September 2016 shows a profitable month. Profit is generated by sales, promotion and marketing. You have Mercury and your family by your side in reaching financial goals. There are purchases related to real estate and personal comfort. The Sun symbolizes your Finance. Each Solar Eclipse brings financial changes for Cancer. Not all changes are pleasant. It means sudden expenses and the forced implementation of changes. This Eclipse affects Mars, planet of your career and Saturn, your planet of Love. In your career and in love there are changes afoot. By now you are quite used to changes because of Uranus in your House of Destination. So you won’t be surprised.

September 2016 shows a good health in the first three weeks of September 2016. In the last week of the month you have take it easy, Cancer. The move from Jupiter into Libra by September 10, 2016 focuses on emotional well-being. So focus on your emotional condition! It is important that you are connected with seven chakras. Body, mind and soul should be one. Harmony with your partner and good social contacts are beneficial for your health and spiritual healing.

However you look at it, you depend on others during this period. It is best in September 2016 to keep things for yourself or to share information only with confidants. Unfortunately, not everyone can be trusted. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 shows that there may be problems with your car or other means of transportation. Also, your mobile phone or other communications' equipment must be repaired or replaced. Consider disturbances in the area where you live, so leave on time. Also, check your insurance policy carefully!