Taurus October 2016


Taurus October 2016

October 2016 is a month of new partnerships and love relationships. In October 2016 your attention turns inward. Take time for yourself and just listen to the sound of your inner voice. Listen to your own soul. So many things have happened in your life and it's time to absorb all this. This month you are called to mediate or give support and advice.

Love and Relationships
Most planets are still on the right side of the Taurus Horoscope including your own planet Venus! Venus will remain in your House of Relationships until October 18, 2016. The right side is generally about collaboration. With this accumulation of planets is October 2016 per-eminently a social month to connect, to love and collaborate. Neptune in Pisces is this month on 9º Pisces. That is exactly the position of the Solar Eclipse of 1 September 2016. This position could this month lead to profound advances in the life of friends. Friendships are being put to the test because of this. From October 23, 2016, the Sun enters your House of Relationships. A very positive period indeed for love! Pluto is your planet of relationships. Because of Pluto, you are more demanding in a relationship. In the second half of October 2016, Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn. You want love and you want it now! You do not want to wait anymore. If you want something, you take it. An existing relationship is harmonious and romantic, but with a mandatory undertone. The bachelor Taurus will be looking for love in a proactive way. The position of Mars points out that love can be found abroad or in educational of spiritual places.

Family and Home
October 2016 is a month of coziness and warmth. In the first week of October 2016, there is room for creativity or sporting activities with children. In the second half of October 2016, Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn. There may be more stress in the family. Unexpected events with parents or elderly family members causing stress situations in the family. It is wise then to take some distance. It is advisable to this month to keep a schedule of what needs to be done in the house. A regular time to talk to each other. Who does what? Little annoyances should be reviewed before they become insoluble. Most of the problems have to do with the available budget. Be clear. Keep everything is negotiable, but the last word always belongs to you.

The New Moon in Libra from October 1, 2016 falls in your House of Work. The support of Jupiter and Saturn with this New Moon represents a cosmic pat on the back in the form of a bonus, commission or gift. The next two weeks are a great time for your career. There is an event, party or special event with opportunities for cooperation or the birth of a joint project. A social period to work together, even if you are reluctant to work with others. When you work on your own, it takes more time to get things done. In the last week of October 2016 there is a delay in your company or at work. The first half of October 2016 is recommended to clean up your desk and make sure you get a clear overview. Also a good time to resolve any issues with customers, colleagues or employees. Listen to the complaints. Learn from this. Prevention is always better than cure. October 2016 is a good month to write, to negotiate or to message across. In October 2016 you are objective, logical and efficient. Taurus who works in sales, public relations, human resources, medicine, veterinary medicine and pharmacy are most successful this month.

October 2016 is a financially favorable month. The best days are in the second week of October 2016. In the first week of October 2016, you are overconfident. You tend to make a financial commitment that you can’t fulfill in the long run. A favorable month for speculation. Your social connections play a special role in financing this month. An encounter at a party with friends or at a business meeting can lead to a business partnership. It is advisable to make a backup of your computer files and make sure that your computer is well protected. The second half of October 2016 is the best time to make financial progress through the other. Friendships, groups and organizations are therefore easier to approach for financial cooperation. The second half of the month is also the best time to network, crowd-funding and build a clientele.

From October 23, 2016, it is advisable to pay extra attention to your health. Generally there is no complaining about your health, anyway. Get plenty of rest, go to bed on time. Many ailments are related to fatigue. A good night’s rest does wonders. Be cautious with alcohol and stop with those nasty cigarettes! Listen to your body. Your body is your temple, you only have one! Watch what you eat. October is a good month to start a diet and get more exercise. Make sure you find balance both mentally and physically. Adequate rest, fresh air and good food is what you need, Taurus.

At the beginning of October 2016 be careful with false promises or with people who want to lead you astray. What seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. October 2016 is a good month to get rid of anything you no longer need. Especially at the beginning of the month. This can be clothing, old papers, but also people who do not deserve your trust.