Sagittarius October 2016


Sagittarius October 2016

October 2016 is a social month. October 2016 is all about friendships. A friend needs help. Support is a theme this month due to the influence of your planet Jupiter in the House of Friendships and Social Involvement. Social commitment, sharing and connection will be a recurring theme in the next twelve months.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon in Libra on October 1, 2016 falls in your House of friendships, groups and organizations. The first half of October 2016 is therefore dedicated to making new friends, events and parties. The Full Moon on October 16, 2016 falls in your House of Love. In the next two weeks love crosses your path! You fall in love with someone or someone falls in love with you. An unhealthy relationship will be terminated. The time has come to close the book and move on. October 2016 is a social and creative month. What is nicer than to celebrate life together and to create something beautiful, listen to music, have dinner and enjoy a romantic movie? October 2016 is a passionate month for Sagittarius. Together celebrate life! The physical side of love comes strongly forward this month. You want to show your affection, intimacy and share the love. You want to surprise your lover with gifts and romantic getaways.
The free Sagittarius goes hunting. Parties, mutual friends and the Internet are your hunting grounds. But take it easy. Shoot your arrow at the right person!

Family and Home
The Full Moon of October 16, 2016 falls in your House of Children and Creativity! The second half of the month is a very social and creative time. Great time for the theater, concerts, music or film, but also to put your best artistic and creative foot forward. A child can fall in love or have wedding plans! In your family will be a joyful announcement! Your children and their development play a very important role in this period. Family life and children fill your heart with pride, but your help is desperately needed. You are prepared, where necessary, to lend a helping hand. The young Sagittarius wants to settle down and start a family. Parents and older people in your family need your attention. They like to do fun things together.

In October 2016, your career will not come first. Yet in the second week of October 2016, I see some small successes for your career.
This month you are better focused and you seem to cope with time pressure, so good prospects for exams and tight deadlines. This is also great for those involved with science, financial transactions, trade and business organization, everywhere where precision and systematic work is required. Artisans, craftsmen, barbers, carpenters, make-up artists, surgeons and the Sagittarius in the literary world or composers are most successful this month.
The business owners can increase their efficiency and customer satisfaction in October 2016 by adjusting prices and guarantee the quality. By working efficiently gain is guaranteed. Consistency and efficiency are more important than originality this month.

Saturn is your planet of Finance. Jupiter and other planets have been challenging Saturn lately. Meanwhile, it looks that you find yourself in a favorable financial period. Your private company has more sales. This month, money doe not grow on trees, Sagittarius. You have to work hard to build financial security for the future. October 2016 is a good month to draw up a budget or financial planning.

Your health has improved since last month. In the first half of October 2016 you have to take it easy, anyway. Meditation, breathing techniques and spirituality support your health. Your planet of Health is Venus. From October 18, 2016 Venus will be traveling through your own sign, Sagittarius. You feel better and thus you look better! You radiate the power of Venus. Take adequate exercise and watch your diet. Avoid stress and take as much relaxation in between as possible.

From the end of August 2016 a planetary shift takes place. The planetary power is flowing towards you. In the next two months of 2016 you reach full personal power. You go ahead with the power of your planet Jupiter. You are the motivating and driving force in a group or as part of a team. Teamwork and being part of something bigger will be a key driver for you in the coming twelve months. In October 2016, you are the socially engaged advocate for poverty reduction, equal rights, human rights, justice and fairness in society. Politics, crowd funding, campaigns and raising money. For you, there’s no mountain too high for you in October 2016.