Pisces October 2016


Pisces October 2016

October 2016 is the month of preparation. Change will come in your career that make you break with the past. Life is energy. Energy is movement! Without movement there is no life. You can not move forward when the "safe and reliable" past is holding you back. I

Love and Relationships
Mercury is your planet of Relationships. In the first week of October 2016 Mercury travels through your House of Relationships. October 2016 therefore makes a good start.
There is peace and balance in the relationship. Most problems have been overcome. The second and third week of October 2016 are dedicated to sharing intimacy and finances. In the first three weeks of October 2016 you stand your ground and determined to have it your way. Your partner does not always agree with this attitude. Maybe you are looking for confrontation. You need that bit of tension and excitement. You don’t really want to fight, because you have need your partner more than ever. October 2016 is the month of intimacy and sexuality. Forget your problems even though there are concerns about money or work. Allow let yourself be carried away by the sweet waves of intimacy. Sex is the best way to escape and the ultimate source of relaxation.
October 2016 is dedicated for Pisces in a new relationship to move in together. However, conflicts may arise about the new living situation. Most of these problems have to do with setting boundaries. Communication is the key to solution. This month you have to defend yourself and fight for your beliefs more often. You have to put aside your fear and principles to meet each other halfway.

Family and Home
October 2016 is the month of preparation and reinforcement. So this is a good month to go house hunting and a budget and savings plan for the future. If you got your eye on a house, make sure you get the right information about the zoning plan, right-of-way or other rights and obligations in respect to the house. Be well prepared to avoid future problems. The end of the month shows the best time to make the connection with your family and friends. The last weekend of October 2016 is a great opportunity for family reunion. The New Moon of October 30, 2016 falls in your House of Travel. The next two weeks show a trip abroad, but you can also make plans for the next holiday. You can also decide to take a course to broaden your horizons and learn something new.

Jupiter is the planet of your career. From September 10, 2016 Jupiter travels through Libra. Libra represents for Pisces the House of Transformation. Jupiter in Libra indicates in the next twelve months profound events in your career and a different career direction. The social dimension remains important. Your communication skills, ability to work and contact with your boss or supervisor is the key to success. Communication is a theme in October 2016. This month you talk a lot, you have many phone calls and writing and rewriting to do. There are meetings, lectures or speeches, presentations or sales talks. Your words have meaning. Say it loud at work or in your business. You can be the voice for those who are not able to do so such as vulnerable members of society, animals, children and the elderly. Pisces employed in social work, psychology or law are most successful this month and have the best opportunities to change their jobs. From October 23, 2016 until the end of November 2016 the focus will be on foreign travel, higher education and spiritual or philosophical breakthroughs.

The New Moon of October 1, 2016 falls in your House of Joint Finances, insurance, mortgage, alimony, taxes and loans. Jupiter in Libra is traveling from September 10, 2016 though the financial area. The first half of October 2016 is thus marked by income from an allowance, refund or payment. However, be careful with finances this month. Do not spend money that you can not afford. Venus rules the financial area. On October 19, 2016, Venus enters the highest point of the Pisces Horoscope, the Career House. This means that your spouse, business partner or loved one is willing to invest in your career. The money does not grow on trees in October 2016. You have to work hard and you will find this month other ways to achieve financial goals. Wage to work, also in your own company. Your commitment is reflected in increased sales and profit forecast. In a steady job you are awarded with a promotion or recognition.
The Full Moon of October 16, 2016 falls in your House of Finance. The next two weeks of October 2016 indicate a new source of income in the form of a second job or new job with a better salary. October is a financial month. A good month for drawing up a budget plan for your business, a savings plan or a budget for your household. Mars is your planet of the Money. In October 2016. Mars is "out of bounds". This astrological event indicates profit around 18 and October 20, 2016, but also the need for cost reduction and cuts at the end of month.

Your health generally looks good this month. Mercury is your planet of Health. Last month, Mercury had a rough planetary period and you have felt this, too. In October 2016 you have planetary tailwind on your side. But you have to help too! This month you need to make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid fast food. No salt or sugar! From October 23, 2016 you experience irregular bowel, so pay attention to your diet. Enough fiber and water! Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune is this month at 9º Pisces. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 fell on 9° Virgo, the opposite point in the horoscope. Virgo is associated with Mercury, your planet of Health. That means you have to take care of yourself. Take it easy and avoid negative situations.

October 2016 represents words and deeds for Pisces. Be careful with your words. Make sure that everything you post is copyrighted. Joint ownership may be the source of conflict in October 2016 and in the coming months. So keep yourself well informed of your rights and obligations. However, you and your partner can disagree this month about joint finances and the education of children. You're both right, but sticking to principles can lead to an unbridgeable distance in the relationship. By working together you accomplish so much more. In October 2016, is cooperation the magic word to reach targets.