Leo October 2016


Leo October 2016

October 2016 brings you mitigation and connection. October 2016 is asking you to pay more attention to your family and home. Your family plays a key role this month. Involve your family in every decision you make!

Love and Relationships
From October 18, 2016, Venus in Sagittarius travels through your House of Love and Creativity. The period until November 9, 2016 is all about Love! Love comes your way, you fall in love or someone falls in love with you! Also you enjoy music, theater and film. A great time to linger in the company of children or to play your own inner child! The best moment for a short trip or city-break, is the last week of October 2016. A good conversation with your loved one in the last weekend of the month. Independence and autonomy however, are keywords in October 2016. You're on your own, it’s all about you in the relationship. This distance that make you create has to do with your subconscious, repressed emotions and emotional conditioning.
Therefore, you are rather critical and impatient this month. You are running with blinders on and therefore you may draw the wrong conclusions. Be aware that you wall yourself off, even if you need to be loved. Your partner is also hungry for love and attention. You need each other, Leo. It is possible that you are bored and feel like you've fallen into a rut. The solution lies within you. Talk to each other. Share your feelings. Come clean! Do not listen to "well-intentioned" advice from others. Just listen to yourself. The solution will come.

Family and Home
On 1 October the New Moon falls in your House of Communication. Jupiter travels from September 10, 2016 until November 8 2017 trough this very House. In the coming twelve months you buy a car or other means of transport or a computer or mobile phone. There will be more contact with siblings. More communication through the internet, emails, text messages and phone calls. Siblings make great developments with their study or personal lives in the coming year. Mercury travels in the first week of October 2016 through your House of Communication. Favorable week for a family visit. Communication is an essential component in October 2016. Make sure you can be reached by phone! Turn off your phone only if you enter a conversation with your loved ones.
All the planets are at the bottom of the Leo horoscope. From October 23, 2016, the Sun enters your House of Family and Home. The outside world and your career are now less important. The focus is now on your home and family and your emotional well-being. Until the end of 2016 you are building an emotionally stable and secure foundation. The New Moon of October 30, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. The end of October 2016 and the first two weeks of November 2016 are characterized by a move, a new design of your home, remodeling or changes in and around the house.

As you can read in Family and Home, your career is less important during this time of year. You’re busy building and repairing emotional confidence. For every Leo, self-confidence is associated with leadership and creativity, these are the pillars of your career. You're busy gaining ideas and strength and making preparations to implement them in the spring of 2017. Your career will be booming from April 2017. October 2016 is a good month for the Leo to negotiate in the legal and diplomatic world. Also a great month for engineering and accountancy.
This month you are the diplomatic mediator in conflict situations both in your career and in the workplace. October 2016 is the month for spit-balling or testing the water regarding an important new concept, law or system. Use your creativity and leadership in October 2016 to get the most effective results. Travel for work or family visits are important items in October 2016. Information that "accidentally" come to your attention this month is invaluable for developing your own business or career. Keep your eyes and ears wide open this month!

In October 2016, the money does not grow on trees, Leo. Especially in the first half of October 2016 you have to be smart to make sales and to receive the money you deserve. October 2016 is a very productive month for the company. Also a good month to start a new venture.
Mercury is your planet of Finance. Mercury travels by your House of Finance through to October 7, 2016. October 2016 guarantees a good start, as of October 8, 2016 there will be financial challenges. Since September 10, 2016 Jupiter travels through your House of Communication. That means that until the beginning of October 2017 money is to be made in the literary and journalistic world, in education, marketing and in the creative world. Students achieve good results with good financial prospects this year. At the end of September 2016, Jupiter and the Sun left your House of Finance. October 2016 still resonates on the positive vibes of Jupiter, but the focus on the money will be less. October 2016 and the next following year is favorable to buy a means of transport such as a car, but also communication equipment for your company.

Even though you may be happy with good health, from October 23, 2016 things are going to change. With the Sun in Scorpio, your energy level will be lower, temporarily. Take plenty of rest at the end of the month. Take it easy, because it is possible that you become overtired. This month you may be suffering from allergic reactions after taking a medicine. The elaboration of a medicine can be disadvantageous when it is not used in the proper way. Keep your spirits up, whatever happens.

The Full Moon of October 16, 2016 falls in your House of Travel. October 2016 is a good month to travel. The second half of October 2016 is a good time to travel or receive visitors from abroad. Great time to start with higher education. October 2016 is a month to lay a good foundation for future success. Perhaps a different location? Or adjusting the concept? Did I choose the right education to live my dream?