Cancer October 2016


Cancer October 2016

October 2016 is a month of “starting over”. Socializing is a theme this month. Overall, this is a good month, but your health needs extra attention.

Love and Relationships
In the course of October 2016, your House of Love becomes crowded. From the end of September 2016 you noticed a change and it’s getting stronger, Cancer. Your need for love and intimacy is increasing. You can not get enough of sex and intimacy! You want to share love and show how deep your love goes. You would do anything to get what you need. In a committed relationship, you are demanding and sometimes unsustainable. Free Cancer goes hunting, but you're not really picky now and your conquest will be short-lived. Great sex is great, but in October 2016 you have to be careful in a committed relationship. Your partner does not have the same strong drive as you do right now. It takes a lot of patience to conquer your partner. A relationship is bases on giving and taking. What could be better if you both enjoy making love? The New Moon of October 30, 2016 falls in your House of Love! The month of November 2016 therefore promises to become the month of love! You fall in love or someone falls in love with you! A loving and social time to make new contacts both in business and private.

Family and Home
The New Moon of October 1, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. The New Moon "fuels" Jupiter! Jupiter travels from September 10, 2016 through your House of Home and Family. That means a year that is dominated by big improvements in your living situation! This month I see positive developments at home and your family. Such as selling your house, renovating or buying a new house. October 2016 is a social month to throw a party at home. Especially in the first half of the month is special to meet new people that are important for your career! The first half of October 2016 shows a good time to do fun things with the kids or to be creative at home. However, work and family life are intertwined in October 2016. The one will affect the other, so this could lead to a conflict. A development in your career can lead to a relocation or a time when you have to go away from home. It is also possible that you have to take out a mortgage on your house for an investment in your own company. It may also be that you are going on maternity leave or retire, or will start a home business.
The New Moon of October 30, 2016 falls in your House of Love, Children and creative projects. In your family, there may be news about a pregnancy.

In October 2016, work and your home situation are intertwined.
In the second half of October 2016, there is more stress and pressure at work to finish work projects. The Full Moon in Aries falls on October 16, 2016 in your House of Career. This means in the second half of the month the completion of a project, promotion, salary increase or more sales in your company. The second half of October 2016 is favorable for sales and marketing, media and commerce. Cancer looking for another job must have patience this month. In October 2016 you have to repeatedly rely on your intuition and feeling. Your secret weapon comes in handy. This month you should take decisive action and a decision in an existing situation which is kept secret from the outside world. It has to do with distrust or dishonesty or ulterior motives. Hard work, consistent effort and your infallible intuition are your weapons to overcome enemies and obstacles in October 2016. October 2016 is a productive month for Cancer, especially when you do concentrated work like chemists and biologists. In October 2016 also focuses on the physical aspect. The Cancer in world of the dance, sports, cinema, models or other careers where the body is central or where balance and timing are required, will be successful this month. The creative and artistic Cancer is inspired is October 2016. Be your unique self. Everything else has already been created by others.

The Sun represents for Cancer the symbol for the Money. The New Moon of October 1, 2016 represents a favorable financial month. There is an increase in turnover in your business and more income from a steady job. There is also money available from the family or through family ties or selling from your home. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 brought a financial surprise in the last week of September 2016. From October 23, 2016, the Sun enters the financial sign of Scorpio. From that moment on you are able to make an investment. Or to spoil your kids. Children are your greatest treasure!

In October 2016, it is advisable to pay attention to your teeth! Saturn is, among others, about teeth, hair and bones. Saturn in your House of Health shows that your bones and joints also need attention. Be careful with sport and exercise. Don’t ask too much of your body. This month, an injury such as a fracture is likely. Your energy level is lower this month. A regular walk in the fresh air and good nutrition are recommended. Avoid sugar and fast food. Your life is far from boring right now. A move, busy job, birth or marriage is fun, but also puts your health at risk. You need a lot of rest and relaxation. Your health planet is Jupiter. Last month, Jupiter entered Libra. Jupiter in Libra requires completely different things! Venus rules Libra, so the focus shifts to your kidneys, neck and lower body. Drink plenty of water and regular massages are important. Your emotional well-being becomes even more important. Stay positive. A harmonious family life is essential in order to remain happy and healthy. Your overall health and energy level improves from 23 October 2016. But stay alert, Cancer.

If you do not really need to travel, don’t. It is better to postpone your trip this month, Cancer. Neptune is the entire month of October 2016 at 9 ° Pisces. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 fell on 9° Virgo, the opposite point. Travel will be a challenge. October 2016 is generally progressing slower than the previous month of September 2016. However, you won’t get bored this month, Cancer!