Aries October 2016


Aries October 2016

October 2016 is all about relationships. The month par excellence to use your social skills! This month, collaboration is the key to success in your personal life and in your career. Your health needs some attention this month, Aries.

Love and Relationships
This month, I see a planetary traffic jam in your House of Relationships! The New Moon in Libra on October 1, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships, too. October 2016 could be the open door to a new beginning in love and business! It may be the advent of a business partner or a common project at work. It can also be a business partnership with your spouse, partner or lover. The first half of October 2016 will be supported by Neptune, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn! This support can lead to great opportunities, better communication and a favorable negotiating position in any kind of relationship. As of September 10, 2016 Jupiter will be traveling through your House of Relationships. As of September 22 2016, the Sun also travels through your House of Relationships. As a result, the first weeks of October 2016 is a favorable time for your relationships. Wonderful period to make a promise to marry or to make a commitment. From October 18, 2016 to October 20, 2016 you long for intimacy and cuddling. October 2016 is a great time to find a solution when there are problems a committed relationship. Good month to restore the peace or to make a decision to go to the gym together or to fix the house or garden. Whatever you decide, do it together.

Family and Home
October 2016 is a month of developments. This year you have been busy with your house, garden and kitchen stuff. This month, you see the results, projects get real shape. To successfully complete things, you need help from your friends and family. You can not do it alone. Together you can achieve more. The Moon symbolizes your Home and Family. The Full Moon in Aries of October 16, 2016 shows a reunion with family members and a better relationship with a brother or sister. This relationship with a brother or sister may be advantageous for you, Aries.

October 2016 is a month of negotiations. Negotiations must be very well prepared. Make sure do your homework. Enter into negotiations with definite backing. Factual knowledge is power this month. Clever negotiations will provide constructive solutions that are beneficial to your career.
In a steady job, an ongoing conflict can be resolved in your favor. It is even possible that you and your diplomatic skills must intervene in another conflict in the workplace.
You are used to telling it like it is and you always look if someone or something would benefit you or your business. This month, you take not such a direct approach. The diplomatic approach works in your favor. October 2016 is a great month to address your workplace or to improve efficiency in your office or business. Prepare for busy times to come!
October 2016 is an auspicious month for the study and targeted training in order to advance your career. October 2016 is a month of discipline and hard work, but soon you can reap the sweet fruits of success. Auspicious days to make progress are October 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14 and 15, 18, 26 and October 30, 2016. These are good days to apply for a job or negotiating for future financial security.

October 2016 is a financially favorable month. But that does not mean that money grows on trees, Aries. Especially the first half of October 2016 is dedicated to hard work to earn money. The first half of the month is also advantageous to perform financial negotiations. October 4, 14, 16 and October 29, 2016 are favorable days to make long-term plans. Until October 18, 2016 you van count on financial support from your partner. There is a chance of an inheritance, compensation or payment from taxes or insurance. A favorable time to for-close a loan or to pay off a debt. October 2016 is the month of clearance. Clearing all the old you no longer need so that there is room for the new. Economizing is part of that. Maybe you pay unnecessary costs in your business. Time to review and to analyze. The second half of October 2016 shows an upward trend in the profit forecast.

Neptune is your planet of spirituality. The whole month of October 2016 Neptune station at 9º in Pisces. The exact position of the Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1, 2016. That means you should pay attention to your health this month. Especially in the first three weeks of October 2016 you must ensure adequate sleep. Focus your energy only on what is important to you in your life. Watch your diet. Regular exercise is important. Listen to your body. Do not overdo things, Aries.

Legal issues in the business area this month will be resolved in your favor. In all that you do this month, be patient. You can not force anything! October 2016 is a month of peace. Build bridges instead of crushing them.
Your planet Mars in Capricorn shows that traveling more favorable than last month. Still, it is advisable to avoid extremely stressful activities as much as possible from October 18, 2016.