Taurus November 2016


Taurus November 2016

Last month, there was a major planetary shift to the upper half of the Taurus horoscope. That means the focus in the coming months is on the outside world and career. With the Full Moon of 14 November 2016 in Taurus you find yourself in a positive flow right now. You feel confident and with this attitude you make a good impression! With a healthy dose of realism, you know to overcome all obstacles. New ideas and brilliant future visions are the icing on the cake in this productive month of November 2016.

Love and Relationships
The first half of November 2016 looks great for your relationship and your social life. Especially November 1, 4, 16, but also November 21 and November 25, 2016 are most wonderful days to spend with your loved one, friends or family. November 2016 is a good month for love especially the fourth week of the month, around 24 or November 25, 2016. These days are most promising for meeting that special person! Friendship is the foundation of your love relationship in November 2016. This month, you strengthen your emotional bond with your partner. There is a great desire to shut out the world and be together, just the two of you. November 2016 is a sensual month of poetry, movies, music and romance. You love to escape with your partner on a magic carpet to a world full of adventure and romance. When you are single, you fall in love with one of your friends or a close friend falls in love with you. In relationships it is all about the soul connection. All relationships with a spiritual connection get a chance to grow.

Family and Home
Cooperation is always better than conflict, including in the family. No one has the right to feel superior to someone else. Everyone has the right to speak for themselves. Honesty is still the best policy! When there is peace, growth and consolidation are possible in your home life and family. The first half of November 2016 is a social time for family and friends. A great time to plan for active holidays or events. Also the period from November 21, 2016 shows a good time for a family party or holiday.

The year 2016 is nearing the end and looking back you can see that this year has brought you many changes. The road to success is long, but is steady. An independent path. You've made wise decisions from which you are going to reap the benefits. The year of 2016 is the year of preparation, but the next year is the year of consolidation. Even when you have big plans, you are careful so you are able to take well-considerd risks. Both at work as in your own company you can count on the support from colleagues and employees. You like to help others, but you will be served with golden opinions, so it works both ways. You can’ t tolerate injustice in the workplace and often you are the diplomatic mediator in internal conflicts this month. Uranus, the planet of your career, continues its voyage through in your House of Cosmic Consciousness up to 2019. Mars, your planet of spirituality is currently touring in your House of Career. This cosmic message shows that spirituality is the pillar under the career. Your own spiritual practice, but also spiritual insight and charity help you to move forward in your career.

November 2016 is a good month to invest in property and make financial plans for the long term. On November 10, 2016, Mars enters your House of Career. Until December 19, 2016, this represents a period of hard work, but also more revenue because of a promotion or by starting your own business. A business project in this period is more likely to succeed, because you are super motivated under the influence of Mars and willing to give your very best to make your project a success. During this period you are busy building a clientele. Mercury is your planet of Finance. From 19 to 30 November 2016, Mercury is Out of Bounds (OOB), so Mercury goes its own way. You should do the same. As a Taurus, you tend to be (too) cautious and reluctant to take financial risks. In the second half of the month are you willing to take a different path and thus you are likely to grab a nice financial opportunity. The New Moon on November 29, 2016 offers a financial contribution from a partnership, the insurance company or the IRS in the next two weeks.

November 2016 is a good month to start a diet. Lately you have not watched your diet. You love life, Taurus and it shows. At the beginning and at the end of November 2016 you want to enjoy life by eating good food, drinking and spending money. However, November 2016 is the month of letting go. Letting go of old emotional baggage, but also from excess weight. November 2016 thanks to planet Mars a good time for a spiritual journey. You think that everything is possible, but your health requires special attention, especially in the first three weeks of November 2016. Take adequate rest, leave alcohol and snacks. Treat yourself to a regular massage. In the second half of the month, you can suffer from your back, knees or your teeth. It gets colder and you can feel it in your bones. Off to the sauna, Taurus.

Your personal planet is Venus. From october 26, 2016 until December 3, 2016, Venus is "out of bounds" (OOB). That means that Venus takes a comical pause and goes her own way. That you should do to, both in your personal life and at work. Go your own way, follow your own path. A time to return to your own core. This month you will be supported and appreciated. So go your own way, the rest comes naturally.