Libra November 2016


Libra November 2016

November 2016 is the month of (self) reflection. This month you leave nothing to chance! You work tirelessly to concrete results. Your sense of values and responsibility is so great this month that you miss the big picture. You are very critical when you find that other’s don’t follow your good example. Actually, you're critical of yourself. Think larger, Libra. Life is a great adventure and a perpetual process of growth and development.

Love and Relationships
November 2016 is a month of reflection regarding love and relationships. A month of commitment, dedication, stability and thoughtfulness of what you need. You expect that your partner feels and acts the same. If this is not the case, there may be tensions. Perhaps there is a distance between you both caused by busy work or you feel undervalued. Perhaps your partner reflects your own dissatisfaction, fatigue, sensitivity and negativity. What you need is relaxation, such as a short break. Making plans together for the future. Look ahead and don’t look back. A new relationship won’t be easy to blossom. The single Libra will not find what they are looking for. A long distance relationship is going through a difficult time. You face opposition in your environment or cultures collide. The theme this month in your relationship, company and at work is selflessness and willingness. Undivided attention to customers, but also to colleagues especially in the first half and at the end of November 2016. November 2016 is about giving more than taking, but also solving problems and making new commitments.

Family and Home
Most planets are at the bottom of the Libra horoscope, the Night Side, so the focus is on home and family and emotional wellbeing in this time of year. Because there are no planets at the top of your horoscope can only mean one thing: releasing the career. You need to concentrate on your personal life and your emotional well-being. Before you start building your career, the foundation needs to be solid. The New Moon on November 29, 2016 falls in your House of Communication, short journeys, siblings, neighbors and your immediate environment. The position of Saturn in the Communication House means serious communication with close relatives and neighbors, more e-mails, text messages and phone calls. During next month your computer, phone, car or other transportation need to be repaired or replaced. Mars travels from November 10 to December 19, 2016 through your House of Children and Creativity. A time to be actively involved in projects at home, doing’ fun stuff with childeren or organizing a party at home and connecting with family and friends.

During this yearly cycle, November 2016 is a month of preparation for your career. Preferably you work on your own this month, because you're a little stubborn. You do not want to have to explain everything in detail. You don’t want to waste your time. In your company, you are busy with innovation. You're looking for smart solutions to make your business more efficient and self-sufficient. You want to maintain your own website, you create a marketing plan or you invest in new software for accounting. You want to act on your own behalf and come up with solutions, which is the theme of this month.
November 2016 is a productive month. November 2016 is not a month of interaction or travel, but a month of detailed work, office work and administrative tasks. However, your third House of Communication is crowded with planets this month. Jupiter is your Ruler of the House of Communication. Until October 2017, Jupiter remains in Libra! Your personal planet Venus travels in the first half of November 2016 through the House of Communication. Especially the first half of the month is a successful period for teaching and writing, sales and marketing.

November 2016 shows a stable financial picture. No time to take reckless financial decisions though. Slow down. The first three weeks of November 2016 look very good. Scorpio rules over your House of Finance, so every year when the Sun is in Scorpio, financial things run smoothly. And this goes for the Moon this month as well. The Moon is connected to your career and home. In November 2016 the Moon visits Scorpio for four days, which is November 1, 26, 27 and 28 November 2016. These days are great make an investment, for example computer equipment and software to achieve more profits in your business. Venus is in conjunction with your financial planet Pluto in Capricorn on 24 and November 25, 2016 and this brings more financial opportunities! During these days people who contact you will help you financially.

Neptune is your planet for Health and Work. The current position of the retrograding Neptune in Pisces brings 9º the Solar Eclipse of September 2016 back to life ... And that means for you that there are circumstances in your company or in the workplace that can be detrimental to your health. For example, a colleague or employee may quit or gets ill giving you more work than you can handle right now which is causing you stress. Take timely measures, Libra and by delegating.

Your personal planet Venus in Capricorn takes a short break from 13 to November 16, 2016. Venus is during that time Out of Bounds (OOB). Just like Venus you should take things a bit easier. Take some time off. Have a break. Time-out. Ask yourself: Which direction do have to go to achieve my goals? What do I need? A short break creates so much clarity. You're in the middle of a new cycle of inner growth that began mid-September 2016. A period of preparation for things to come.