Leo November 2016


Leo November 2016

November 2016 is generally the month of cooperation both in business and in your private life.

Love and Relationships
November 2016 is a social month and the month of love, Leo! And isn’t that a welcome change after a period when things weren’t so good? Love returns in your life and how!
The single Leo is most likely to meet that special person at work or in places that involve money or books. In November 2016, there are many social gatherings and festive activities, so many chances to celebrate the love to the fullest, Leo. The days November 4, 16, 23, 26 until November 29, 2016 are days to remember. Write down these days on your calendar! Literary works are interwoven with love this month. Whether you read a nice book together or write a beautiful poem or love letter for your loved one. The love just flows from your pen!
The New Moon on November 29, 2016 falls in your House of Love. At this means that December 2016 will also be very romantic! If you don’t fall in love in November 2016, then you definitely will in December 2016!
From November 10 2016, Mars travels through your House of Relationships. Up to December 19, 2016 this is a period of collaboration, engagement, marriage or establishing a business partnership. Because of the nature of Mars there can also be a conflict between the two of you, but that is only meant to solve problems from the past for now and forever.

Family and Home
The first three weeks of November 2016 will focus on Home and Hearth, your home, family and your emotional well-being. Your career is less important. Venus is the planet of your career. Venus is from 13 to 16 November 2016 Out of Bounds (OOB), so that means as much as a time-out in your career. Perhaps a little break with your family?
Only when there is peace and harmony in the home, can you enjoy life to the fullest. From November 22, 2016, the Sun travels through your House of Creativity. Also Mercury joins the Sun in the second half of November 2016. The New Moon of November 29, 2016 falls in your House of Creativity. So get your art supplies out now snd create! Children, sports and games and creativity will play a prominent role. It is quite possible that there will be news about a pregnancy. All in all, a social and pleasant month for home and family.

November 2016 will focus on cooperation and helpfulness, Leo. Especially in the first three weeks of November 2016 you will find that others seek your support.
The Full Moon of November 14, 2016 falls in your House of Career. In the second half of November 2016 you may count on a promotion, recognition or a new job. November 2016 is definitely not a month in which you should not take hasty decisions or jump to conclusions. It involves collaboration and that is only possible when everyone else does. November 2016 is most successful and even decisive for the Leo in the literary world, reporters and the media, in politics, spin doctors, spokespersons and press officers.
Venus is the planet of your career. As you can read in Family and House, Venus is OOB from 13 to November 16, 2016, so in that period your career is on the back burner.

The position of Neptune in Pisces this month may cause a disturbance or financial crisis involving insurance and tax issues or the financial situation of your husband or wife, business partner or loved one. This month, the theme death and mortality is eminent. You're already working to arrange things for your family by making out a will. The dark month of November is ideal for organizing your finances, including your bank statements and do your accounting. Make sure everything is in order so that you have a good overview. So you can determinate where you can save or reimburse money.

November 2016 is a great month to improve your health. Think of a diet or exercise program. From November 22, 2016 your health and energy level will improve with the Sun in Sagittarius. In general, your health looks good, but it is advisable to insert regular moments of rest this month. Alternative therapies are beneficial. Also, you have success with any form of therapy. Progress is being made and insights are acquired. A walk in nature has a healing effect this month. The past plays a major role this month. Dreams are cosmic opportunities to examine the past in your present state of consciousness in order to bring emotional healing.
You will learn that expressive freedom is the way to heal. Do not follow the path of negativity, but the way of the heart.

November 2016 is a social month is dedicated to cooperation. Every Leo has a warm and loving heart. Do not exaggerate and do not be overthrown by emotions. You have nothing to prove and not everyone deserves your warm heart.