Gemini November 2016


Gemini November 2016

It is very important this month to adopt an open mind and a flexible attitude, because conditions and circumstances may change frequently. You may need all your Gemini qualities this month. Sometimes you're forced to change your current direction. So you have to adapt to any situation. November 2016 is the month in which you go public and difficult decisions. You want the best for everyone, but that is impossible. November 2016 teaches you to be fair, but righteous.

Love and Relationships
With so many planets in the House of Relationships, any kind of relationship may have a strained course in the first half of November 2016. First, you can not stand criticism, not at work, but not in your relationship. Especially when you think you are being treated unfairly, you get a little defensive. This month you will be approached by people with a relational problem or a crisis similar to something that you've experienced in the past. Like no other you want to help these people with practical and spiritual advice while you go under by your own unresolved past. Right now, concealed pain and anger comes to the surface to be addressed for once and for all. Do not allow your current relationship stranded on the rocks of the past.
Self-doubt and lack of self-esteem have a negative impact on all forms of relationships in your life. You do not like it either when your spouse is stuck in the past. From November 22, 2016, the Sun travels through Sagittarius, your opposite sign in the zodiac. Until December 21, 2016 this is the best time for love and to find love! A social period of celebrations and gatherings.

Family and Home
Mercury is your planet of Family and Home. From 19 to November 30, 2016, Mercury will be Out of Bounds (OOB) the planet is “out of reach of the Sun”, in short, Mercury takes a short vacation. And that goes for you and your family. During that period, in your home and in the family there is a kind of deadlock or break. Venus is also OOB, from 13 to 16 November 2016. For your children and children in your immediate area, this just means a quiet moment. A good time this month to take a break in order to get to know each other or grow closer together in a spiritual environment.

In November 2016, the planetary power is shifting ever further to the upper half of the Gemini horoscope. It's time to get on stage. Neptune is your planet of career. From November 20, 2016 Neptune goes direct again. This is very good news! There will be more clarity in your career situation. Finally, you are making progress. The first week of November 2016 looks positive for your career. Also, November 21, 24 and November 30, 2016 look promising for career development and promotion for your company. Caution, however, around November 18 2016. There may be misleading, gossip and deceit in the workplace. You do not get the right information, so make sure you get the accurate figures yourself. Come well prepared especially when it comes to financial assets and payouts. November 2016 is a fine month when you're looking for a new job. November 2016, is a month for social networking and putting yourself on the map. Especially in the first half of the month and at the end of November 2016 are the best chances for a lucrative encounter. Although this is a successful business period for your business, it also requires a lot of you, mentally and physically. It is therefore important to slow down every now and then.

It is of the utmost importance that you keep your finger on the pulse regarding your financial affairs, private and in your company. Figures, data and statistics relating to your industry or business perhaps look good at first glance, but this doesn’t mean this is true. You should be well informed of all developments in order to make good decisions. So do not be swayed by idle talk and assumptions. Seeing is believing!
In November 2016 you have to control yourself and keep your purse strings tight. Especially in the first weekend of this month. Don’t spend money when you want too, only when you really have too. Making cuts right now lead to better results in the near future. Heighten financial security, or you’ll find yourself on the short end. You know what it is like to make ends meet.

Make sure you do not eat or drink too much in the first weekend of November 2016, because you find yourself in a good mood and inclined to treat yourself. Pay attention to your health this month. You feel so much better than you did in the last months of September and October 2016, but that does not mean you're invincible. Have an early night and take plenty of rest in between. A powernap on the couch in the afternoon can work miracles. From November 24, 2016, your energy level is lower and you should really slow down. It would be wise for you to insert a short break in the second half of November 2016 to unwind completely.

Mars enters your House of Travel and Higher Study from November 10, 2016. A period until December 19, 2016 for a long voyage or to receive visits from abroad to do business with foreign countries or to go to college, a course or take classes. Be careful on 18, 19 and 20 November 2016. These are not your best days. Beware when you travel or with whom you enter into a conversation. Deception is just around the corner.