Capricorn November 2016


Capricorn November 2016

Saturn is your personal planet, Capricorn. Saturn in Sagittarius is in the final stages of a 29-year cycle, which lasts until the end of December 2017. Until the end of next year, this is a period of observation and ending everything that doesn’t work properly in your life. You look back on almost 30 years, on everything good and everything what went wrong. The period until the end of December 2017 shows new ways and possibilities will arise, but now you're better prepared to embrace these opportunities. November 2016 is a mental and creative month in which your intuition will guide you in making decisions about your social life. Several times this month, you take on the role of listener and adviser.

Love and Relationships
The Sun travels through your House of Friendships until November 21, 2016. In the first half of the month, the Sun is accompanied by Mercury. This means a social time of spending a good time with friends, groups and group activities. November 2016 is also a month of setting boundaries in your relationship. You do not always have to color inside the lines! You are somehow restless and maybe you find yourself in a rut. It is perhaps time to catch your breath for a while. “Even lovers need a holiday” (Chicago). Take your time and then realize that you can’t live without each other! On November 14, 2016, the Full Moon falls in your House of Love. The second half of the month is dedicated to love. And then you will know. Not only the single Capricorn falls in love, but also in a committed relationship you feel the flame of love burning again.
A new relationship takes an unexpected turn, because you get some news about your new love that blow your mind.

Family and Home
November 2016 is the month of choice to connect yourself with family, parents, friends and building a stronger bond with your immediate surroundings. In the first three weeks of November 2016, there is a short trip to visit family or your family comes over to visit you. There is more communication through emails, text messages and phone calls. A time for compassion, love, affection and consideration. The first week and the last week of November 2016 are colored by domestic matters. This is a busy and social period of moving, new people, parties, renovation or changes in and around the house.
On November 14, 2016, the Full Moon falls in your House of Children and Creativity. The second half of November 2016 will focus on activities with children, such as sports or hobbies, but also to show yourself from your best artistic and creative side. Children fall in love. It is possible that there is news in the family of a pregnancy.

Your career is going smoothly in November 2016. Your career planet is Venus. Venus is from 13 to 16 November Out of Bounds (OOB). Venus goes her own way. That means that you must do the same. In the third week of November 2016, there may be a change in your career thanks to Venus. For the course of your career is your participation in charitable work and non-profit projects, the key to success, especially in the first half of the month. In the first half of November 2016 take advantage of the mutual cooperation between Venus and Jupiter. A common friend is very helpful in your career in the second half of November 2016. The best career opportunities are in the second half of the month.
Capricorn who is working in creative fields, such as acting, dance, drama, film, music and art are most successful this month. Thanks to your creativity, Capricorn brings comfort and joy in a therapeutic way by entertaining people in a theater, hospital, hospice, prison or retirement home. This could be a major push in your career.
In the private company it is important to focus on the core of your business. Get rid of services or loss-making products so there is space or money for creating profitable businesses. Take the initiative in your work and tell your boss how to improve things in the company. Let your boss see that you have the necessary qualities to make improvements to the company that you are a part of.

Uranus is your planet of Finance. Uranus still retrogrades in November 2016. It is advisable to get this month utmost clarity about financial matters. At the end of December 2016, Uranus will be in direct orbit around the Sun. From that moment on the time has come to initiate financial plans. From November 22, 2016 financial matters show some progress, but delays are still possible. Patience is the key word. Compared to last month, much has improved, but it is advisable to postpone major purchases or financial decisions as long as possible.

Your health has improved compared with last month. In November 2016, you have to take into account a reduced bowel movement, so drink plenty of water. You need excercise and a high-fiber diet and dried fruits. This month you benefit from massages with particular attention to the lower body. The New Moon on November 29, 2016 falls in your House of Cosmic Consciousness. In the second half of the month mainly spirituality and spiritual therapies have a beneficial effect on body and mind. The second half of November 2016 is therefore particularly dedicated to rest and relaxation. Maybe a nice holiday to catch up on some sleep? A short break would do you good, Capricorn.

A confident attitude will take you further both at work and in your social life. A city break or weekend away can help to regain power and to find yourself again. Sometimes a holiday in a fixed relationship could be refreshing. Culture plays a major role this month. Going to a concert with friends or visiting an old city. It's all possible. Friends and friendship play a big role in November 2016. You will learn what friends are worth and the value of true friendship.