Cancer November 2016


Cancer November 2016

November 2016 is a productive and successful month for your career, but is also the month of intuition and empathy. Your empathy is remarkable this month. It leads to a better cooperation and interaction. Several times you will be the oracle and mainstay for others. What goes around comes around, because someone with a key role brings you right on track. This month you will be able to make well-considered choises. November 2016 is the month in which things take a turn for the better. Take the time to look at what you've achieved so far and that is really something. Evaluate and consider the next steps that you are going to take.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of November 14, 2016 falls in your House of Friendships, groups and organizations. The second half of November 2016 is therefore a social time to spend with friends and loved ones. This month you support everyone with your warm hart. You have more patience with others and show more understanding. This month you do not want to fight. A good atmosphere is much more important to you. In a committed relationship, intimacy plays a major role. Sex is the ultimate way for you to prove how deep your love is. On November 12, 2016 Venus enters your House of Relationships. Until December 7, 2016 it is all about love. You open your heart and embrace your beloved. You love to be together and share intimate moments, but you also like to invite others to have a good time. You're even willing to bury the hatchet with people with whom you can not get along very well. The only downside is that you fall in love all the time. A new adventure could be very exciting, but keep both feet on the ground. All is not gold that glitters. The single Cancer finds a new love at a family party or with friends. You don’t have to travel far to find love, Cancer. It waits just around the corner for you.

Family and Home
You must have noticed it, the salutary influence of Jupiter in your House of Family and Home. From September 11 2016 to October 10, 2017, Jupiter’s voyage through your fourth House of Family and Home lead to a relocation, renovation, improving of your living situation or expanding your current home or land or you see your family expand! This particular period of almost thirteen months is cosmically designed to create a comfortable and safe haven. The first three weeks of November 2016 are suitable to spend some quality time with your family and children. Maybe a short vacation? Children act like a mirror. They show you that there’s more to life than just work.

November 2016 is the month of improvement, sharing and future plans for your career. This month you especially share your knowledge and expertise with employees with a view to future developments. Your knowledge comes in handy. There are people who are afraid of innovation and are you the right person to build a bridge to the future. November 2016 is a productive month. Get right down to it, don’t lose your attention for a moment, Cancer. You have competitors. Your commitment is required, because if you don’t, this can be used against you. Before making a business decision: think twice. A mistake can be expensive and even irreparable. Take your time! In recent months, there was a legal battle and business opposition. In November 2016, these problems can be solved by new developments. In November 2016, you need to go back to the drawing board. What didn’t work out? What can you do to improve things knowing what you know now? Sometimes you have to step back just two little passes in order to make a big step forward. December 2016 will be completely devoted to your career and success. Even more work, more stress. Make sure you do not get overworked, Cancer.

November 2016 is a financially favorable month for Cancer. Especially from November 2, 2016, when the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius, you get more revenue from work or more work in your own company. However, beware that you do not spend too much money in your enthusiasm. The money does not fall from the sky and you have to work hard to earn it. And this goes for this month, too. November 2016 is a positive month to work together and smooth things out in case of financial disagreements. Mars travels from November 10, 2016 through your House of Common Resources, taxes, credit cards, loans, alimony and insurance. Until December 19, 2016 this means financial openings to meet payment obligations. Think of a refund or compensation or entering into a loan. During this period you may expect more orders in your company or overtime to put money on the table.

On November 29 2016, the New Moon in Sagittarius falls in your House of Health and Work. In the next two weeks, you need to work on your health. In recent times you have neglected your health by long working hours and too little exercise. Now you are going to take steps to get back in shape by improving your working conditions. November 2016 is marked by movement. This month, attention should be paid to the respiratory, intestinal, arms and shoulders. Massage of back, arms and shoulders are very important to you. You are so worried about things that your heart aches. Perhaps you feel a pain in your chest due to stress. Don’t allow financial concerns affect your health. Think of your own heart, you have only one. With less money, you can live. But you can’t buy good health.

Last month, the planetary energy shifted from the East to the West, the area in the horoscope that represents the Other. So it is about working together in oder to move forward. You are now dependent on the goodwill of others. It is about giving, but in the right proportions! Collaboration means also giving support at this time. Your open, powerful and energetic vibe is inspiring to achieve the best results. Look forward, not backward.