Aries November 2016


Aries November 2016

In November 2016, the focus is on your career and it will remain so in the coming months. The outside world demands a lot of you and hangs heavy on your relationship and health.
Try to find a balance here, Aries.

Love and Relationships
November 2016 is dominated by passion and excitement in love. Sexuality and intimacy are an important link in your relationship this month. You want nothing more than to show your partner how great your love is. Sexuality can also be a problem when there is tension and stress. It is for Aries not easy to remain calm in this intense period. At the end of the month things will change for the better in the relationship.
November 2016 is the month to show your emotions and share feelings about sexuality. Talk about sexuality in an open manner about your desires, but also what is bothering you. Touching is very important this month. Caressing, touching, massaging, let yourself be guided by your intuition. Communicating is not just talking to each other, nonverbal communication is just as important! A new relationship is supported by versatility and friendship.
For the single Aries, November 2016 could be very surprising. A friendship can suddenly turn into a romance. Abroad play a major role in love this month.

Family and Home
Your focus is on your career and that means your attention is not on the home front. However, your personal life is just as important. In all decisions you take in November 2016 you should involve your family, they play an important role. Listen to their advice, but rely on your own intuition. Listen to your heart. When something doesn’t feel right, in most cases you are right. Be the cornerstone to your family. Your guidance and a large dose of realism are the way to lead everyday life in the right direction. This month a quadruped could turn your daily life upside down! A new pet, saving an animal or looking after a pet for someone else, it's all possible in November 2016.

November 2016 shows a busy month for your career, Aries. Mars is the ruler of Aries. Mars will continue its voyage in the House of Career until November 9, 2016, so the month kicks off with a bang. Excess work is te be expected next month, Aries. Collaboration is the key this month. At your work, you meet a new colleague who needsyour guidance. Your expertise is desperately needed! In the workplace you need to pull out all the stops to make everything right. There is a new system that requires your attention. It is vital that no detail will be overlooked, because responsibility's on you. Large and long-term projects may be delayed due to logistical problems. At work you are asked to stand in for colleague, giving you the chance to prove yourself in another field. Sustainability and the environment are aspects that you will experience this month. November 2016 proves to be a productive month for Aries working in the field of science, research, literary or academic world. The best time for your career is the first half of the month. There are also career opportunities in the last week of the month. From November 22, 2016, you travel for business or for leisure. November 2016 is a positive month for students at College. Foreigners, foreign travel and foreign companies are intertwined with the career of Aries this month.

Venus is your planet of the Money. Venus in Sagittarius will be Out of Bounds (OOB) from 13 until 16 November 2016, so it is possible that you are faced with unexpected expenses in the first half of the month. Watch your spending. Easy come, easy go. In the first half of November 2016, Venus shows that finances are intertwined with school and abroad. From 13 November to 7 December 2016, Venus travels through your House of Career. This indicates that social contacts especially with managing directors and authorities may lead financial benefits and wage increases. During this period, you can expect a financial contribution from your family as well.

Moderation is the key in order to remain healthy this month. This month, you tend to go on and on in many ways! Even if you are snacking, you can not seem to stop. Now and then, snacking wouldn’t hurt you, but not all the time. Banish sugar, alcohol, salt and greasy food as much as you can. Be wise and just say no when you are tempted. Also make sure you go to bed on time! The first three weeks of November 2016 are appropriate to start with a detoxifying diet. With the Sun in your House of Transformation this is also a great time for a makeover or cosmetic surgery. You are restless and your career requires a lot of energy, so you don't want to get overtired. Especially at the end of November 2016 you may get sick when you have crossed the line. Adequate rest, relaxation and good food is all you need, Aries.

As you have noticed, the time has come for your career and perfecting your goals. Until the end of 2016, the outside world will play a big role in your life, Aries. It is no time to sit back and wait. Think of it as a special time to get on stage and put yourself in the limelight. It's your time, Aries.