Aquarius November 2016


Aquarius November 2016

November 2016 is a proactive month for Aquarius. With almost all the planets on the eastern side of the Aquarius horoscope and Mars in your own sign from November 10, 2016, this is a month of personal power to follow your own path. The focus this month is on your career.

Love and Relationships
November 2016 is a wonderful month for love and relationships, Aquarius. November 2016 is the month of cooperation within your marriage or committed relationship, but also business structures, the business relationship and joint projects go well this month. Mars travels from November 10, 2016 through Aquarius, so it means that you're impatient and short tempered in November to mid-December 2016. Remember Aquarius, ball your fist and count to ten first! The Sun symbolizes the relationship. The Sun continues until 22 November 2016 in your House of Career and Vocation. That means social success or to reaching out for the highest love. Love is your mission! A romance may occur at work with your boss, a supervisor or business relationship. In the last week of November 2016 a romance may arise among friends or with colleagues or employees. The single Aquarius finds love in a group or organization or internet dating. In a new relationship, there is a big age difference or there is great distance between the both of you. In the new and close relationship you want take big decisions with a view to future. It may be a long journey or a move to a place where you can live together in peace. The New Moon on November 29, 2016 falls in your House of Friendships. This means a social time from the end of November to the first half of December 2016. A social period of parties, meetings and new friendships.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of November 14, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. That means that the second half of November 2016 is marked by moving, remodeling, renovation or changes in and around the house. Mars is your planet of communication, means of transport, your neighbourhood, neighbors, school, brothers and sisters. Mars enters your sign from November 10, 2016, Aquarius. Until December 19, 2016, this is a dynamic period. This position of Mars is amazing when you are moving or doing a renovation. The problem is that you want to prove yourself and want to see results quickly. More haste less speed. A sibling or neighbor is willing to give you a helping hand.

November 2016 is a great creative month for Aquarius in the world of art and dance. A good month for dancing, film, music, theater and photography. Mars enters your sign from November 10, 2016 Aquarius. That means a period of praise and recognition for your hard work. Influential people are decisive for your career. Your husband, wife, business partner or lover is a vital link in your social success. In November 2016, communication is an issue. The nonverbal aspect is just as important as the verbal aspect of communication. Body language, tone, style and motor function, and last but not least, timing. Communication is more than just talking, it is about the big picture. It is not just the content of your message, but how you communicate to others, how you convey. November 2016 is a successful month for Aquarius in international trade and import of garments, consumer goods, textiles or cosmetics.

November 2016 is an auspicious month for your finances. A good month to put together a budget plan and to look at financial opportunities for now and in the future. Check your insurances. You can save a lot of money when you compare insurers. The first week of November 2016 looks positive, especially 1 and November 4, 7,18, 23, 25 and November 30, 2016 are days that are financially beneficial for Aquarius.

Mars travels from November 10, 2016 through Aquarius. Until December 19, 2016 this means for the Aquarius an energetic period. The disadvantage is that you tend to exaggerate and push your limits. Mars also brings impatience and haste. You know, more haste, less speed. There is the chance of a mishap through your own fault during this period. Mars in your House of Personality (which rules the head) so this could also lead to anger, making a fuss, steam coming out of your ears, a fever, rash and headaches as a result. In the first half of November 2016 you are prone to infection and getting colds. Get plenty of rest. Have an early night.

In November 2016, you will be concerned with putting out fires, but often you're the one who lit the fuse. This month you come up with ideas just to convince others that you are right. It feels so good to be right, and that’s what you want. This month the outside world masters your inner world. Other people can undermine your self-confidence by being critical of you and your ideas. Through the influence of Mars in Aquarius, you are short tempered. Constructive criticism is not meant to be negative. Try to figure out the difference here. Learn from constructive criticism, but walk away from negative people.