Taurus May 2016


Taurus May 2016

The New Moon falls on May 6, 2016 in your own sign, Taurus. The New Moon is wholeheartedly supported by Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. The focus of May 2016 is on praise and recognition for who you are and what you do.

Love and Relationships
Venus is your personal planet and she resides in Taurus in the first three weeks of May 2016! Pluto is your planet of Love. Pluto forms with Venus and Mercury a Trine in Earth. May 2016 is the month of Love! May 2016 is also a social month is dedicated to friendships and relationships. Especially in the first three weeks of May 2016 are the most opportunities to socialize and to make the connection! This applies to love, but also for instance the conclusion of a business partnership or strengthening an existing relationship. An appropriate time for an event or wedding or maybe even organizing a party or event with friends and family. In the last week of May 2016 there may be disagreements with a business partner, lover or beloved. Be diplomatic.

Family and Home
The Great Benefactor Jupiter travels until September 9, 2016 through your House of Love, but also of children. A great time to have some fun with kids. Children experience a growth spurt and spread their wings. A new stage in the development of children. But even if you do not have kids yet, this is a good time to have a baby or adopt.

Venus is your planet of Work. On May 1, 2016, Venus enters your own sign, Taurus. You get the appreciation and attention you deserve. In the first week of May 2016 are the best opportunities to make new connections for your company. Excellent opportunities for networking and closing business deals.

Mercury is your planet of the Money! With Mercury in your own sign you just want to spoil yourself. You want to go into town to buy new shoes or clothes. You want to shine! Take advantage of the favorable financial Trine in Earth formed by Mercury, Venus and Pluto.
However, Mercury is retrograde, so there may be some delays. Not all is gold that glitters. From May 21 2016, more financial prosperity is expected. Better to make financial decisions then.

In the first three weeks of May you feel fine, Taurus. In the last week of May 2016 you are prone to get ill. Also, you are more likely to be injured or get hurt. Your legs are the most sensitive this month. Take care, Taurus.

Your own planet Venus travels the first three weeks of May 2016 in Taurus! This provides you inner strength, independence and strong appeal. A great advantage over others! If you want to change something in your life, do it now. It will soon become more difficult, Taurus.