Sagittarius May 2016


Sagittarius May 2016

The Full Moon of May 21, 2016 is in your own sign, Sagittarius. This Moon energy makes you confident and spontaneous. This strong personal energy makes collaboration less obvious. A good time to impress others and a good time to make a new start or to change your direction.

Love and Relationships
May 2016 is a month of ups and downs in love and all forms of relationships, Sagittarius. Mercury is your planet of Relations. Mercury retrogrades. Because of Mercury, the first three weeks of May 2016 are erratic because of your mood swings, anxiety and stress due to work pressure and hectic pace of everyday life. In May 2016, you are also more focused on yourself, there are irritations and collaboration and communication are more difficult. Think first and count to ten before you respond, Sagittarius! If you're looking for love, be cautious. It is not all gold that glitters!

Family and Home
The first week and the last weekend of May 2016 are the most appropriate to pay attention to your home. Think of a conversion, construction, relocation or changes in and around the house.

The New Moon of May 6, 2016 falls in Your House of Work. In the short term there is an increase in work, new projects and opportunities. Jupiter and Pluto support this New Moon from your House of Career and your House of Finance. That means new business connections, a new job, raise or other opportunities to earn more money. With this renewed energy, May 2016 is the month for a public appearance such as a performance, lecture, interview or presentation or something new to start or re-start, especially in the first half and at the end of May 2016. A new interpretation of your job, a new development in your business or promotion for your business! You are very enterprising and ready to seize opportunities. With this energy you are bubbling with self-confidence. Go for it.

The New Moon of May 6, 2016 falls in Your House of Work. That means more work and more revenue! The New Moon brings financial success in the long term. A positive period to build long-term financial security.

The New Moon of May 6, 2016 falls also in Your House of Health. That means good news for your health and vitality, because this is a good starting point to begin a new diet or to stop smoking or drinking alcohol. Try to relax.

Until May 21, 2016 Mercury is retrograde. Until May 22, 2016 you have the time for administrative duties. To put your records in order. After that time there will be random events and thus less time to concentrate on paperwork. It is advisable to postpone the signing of documents until May 22, 2016.