Gemini May 2016


Gemini May 2016

The common thread in May 2016 is to be clear in communication. Speech is silver, silence is golden. Say what you have to say and keep what you don’t want to say for yourself.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of May 21, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships. The Full Moon, together with Mars in the House of Relationships, causes changes in the relational field. It could mean the breaking-up of a business partnership or relationship. But you can also take a new step in your relationship by getting married or getting engaged. It may be an end or beginning. Whatever will happen, the end or the beginning is a new way for all parties. May 2016 and June 2016 are the months of big decisions for the future relationship area. On June 20, 2016 there will be a second Full Moon in your House of Relationships. Time for the next step in your relationship or in your company! You're so energetic, that your partner is struggling to keep up with your. Be clear in your communication. Someone might twist your words to cause problems in your love life.

Family and Home
You are currently restless. For you, things can’t go fast enough, even with chores at home. Patience has never been your strong point. You have a very short attention span in May 2016 and you can not concentrate long. Follow a schedule of projects, study or chores at home. If you're rushed and unprepared do something, nothing really happens. Try to take the time to focus on one thing at a time, even though you do not feel like it. You are communicative and in the family this could lead to misunderstandings. Be careful what you say, so no one can hurt you or spread rumors about you.

May 2016 is a busy month. Many career opportunities in May 2016! A positive month also for your company by an increase in assignments and projects. May 2016 is a great month for market research, starting a new course, learning a new skill or connecting with new customers. Novelty is the theme. New IT systems and more effective methods of office management for the effectiveness and time, but also by reading reports and tracking trends and news and social media such as Facebook, G + or LinkedIn. To be ahead of competition. You have to deal with disagreements with people with whom you work closely. Take the time to find a solution to the problem. Signing of major contracts and deals is advised from May 22, 2016.

The Moon symbolizes your finances. The New Moon on May 6, 2016 is supported by Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. This support shows an increase in projects, more sales for your company. For your job this means a bonus or commission. However, the money does not fall from the sky, Gemini. Collaboration is the key to financial success.

The New Moon on May 6, 2016 is in your House Detachment and Release. In the next two weeks you get more time to relax and catch up some sleep. Take time to relax, even though it is not easy with your restlessness. A time to work on your health and wellbeing. Rest, but also exercise to stay healthy, Gemini!

You are energetic, lucid, alert and respond and learn quickly new information and skills. However, you are very restless and tense. You jump to conclusions and sometimes you react violently and irritable. Speech is silver, silence is golden. Always count to ten and find a good outlet for all your excess energy, Gemini.