Capricorn May 2016


Capricorn May 2016

May 2016 is a month to take it easy, Capricorn.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon on May 6, 2016 falls in your House of Love. This month you fall in love or someone falls in love with you! It is a social time of parties and events to meet that special someone that makes your heart beat faster. Keep it light, focus yourself on friendship first. In the second half of May 2016 a problem could emerge in a committed relationship. A problem from the past that (still) requires a solution. If you don’t, it’s possible that the relationship will be broken.
One-to-one relationships are important in May 2016. Parties and bustle will distract you. May 2016 is asking for peace, romance and love. May 2016 shows the essence of the relationship and focuses on what you both really like. The two of you do not need anyone else to become one!

Family and Home
The New Moon of May 6, 2016 falls in your House of Love, Children and Creativity. This New Moon shows a time to do fun things with kids! There may be good news in the family about a pregnancy. It is also possible that you go on a short break with your family or you start a creative project at home. Make time to relax! The New Moon also shows that a problem that needs to be solved at home. In the first half of May 2016, there are more emails, text messages and phone calls. Also means of transport, computer or mobile phone will be repaired, bought or sold.

May 2016 is not a favorable month for your career, Capricorn. In your daily work there are small unforeseen setbacks. These little problems are actually an indication of something bigger that's going on. These setbacks come your way to avoid a bigger problem in the near future. This is not an ideal month to get started with new plans, because you still are occupied with the running projects. New projects are faced with teething problems. Use this time to adjust and perfecting. Colleagues can be quite tedious, unreliable and even irritating in May 2016. Private issues need to be addressed first. Pick up the pieces. It’s not working the way it should, but stay calm. Your time will come, Capricorn.

This month you have to have patience regarding your financial matters. Especially if you receive income from agriculture, construction, architecture and real estate. No unnecessary expenses, no investments and wait patiently. You can not force anything, so you better wait a while.

The Full Moon of May 21, 2016 falls in the House of Detachment and Release. This is a period of rest, relaxation and meditation. Time to catch up on some sleep or to take a short break. On June 20, 2016, there is another Full Moon in the same House, so use this time to pay attention to your health and rest. This month, you have less energy. Do not strain yourself or do physically strenuous things. Save your energy and go to bed on time. Currently, you can’t force anything at your work, so now it's time for your own temple. You can suffer from infections of ear, nose, throat and chest. You may catch a cold, so eat and drink wisely!

May 2016 is not your month, Capricorn. It is not advisable to make major decisions or to engage in a discussion. Do not listen to your intuition, because it puts you on the wrong track. Return to yourself, concentrate on the most important. Stick to old, proven methods. Keep it simple. The greater the things are, the more likely they are going the wrong way.