Cancer May 2016


Cancer May 2016

May 2016 is a month of action! Relationships are the common theme in May 2016. A great month for building bridges and creating new alliances. Be clear in your communications both at home and at work. Talking about the smaller things lead to an understanding of the bigger problems.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon on May 6, 2016 falls in your House of Friendships, Group Processes and Organizations. May 2016 is therefore a very social and outward time to meet new people or to go dating if you're looking for love. There are invitations to a party or event or you are going to organize a party or event. It is advisable to solve existing relational problems. That can be with your spouse or loved one, but also your business partners, clients or colleagues. Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto support this New Moon. This means a short trip to visit family and friends. This New Moon helps you to broaden your horizons and open up to new perspectives and opportunities for the future. Love and harmony are very important to you in May 2016. But do not take advantage of you and set healthy boundaries.

Family and Home
In May 2016 you will make a short trip! It may be a short holiday by the sea or lake or family or you visit friends or family in a neighboring town. The first half of May 2016 is the best suitable to go on a trip! Also in the first half of the month you may expect more e-mails, text messages and phone calls. It is also possible that you buy a car or other means of transportation, or a computer, cell phone or other means of communication.

May 2016 is a positive month for your career. The focus is on partnerships and relationships. Collaboration is the key to success in your career, finances, but also your personal relationships. Make sure you find an acceptable solution to both parties, when you are facing a problem. After May 22, 2016 you are very busy with the conclusion of contracts and completion of negotiations. Mercury turns direct from May 21! Cancer working in the media, sport, trade or sales are most productive this month. May 2016 is also good for students studying science and math subjects. Diplomacy is currently very important; it's what you say and how you say it. Rational and logical decisions you make in the business can be greatly affected by your subconscious. Take any advice or criticism seriously.

The Full Moon of May 21, 2016 falls in your House of Work and Health. The next two weeks you’ll be working hard to earn the money. Be careful, because there are people who may try to undermine you and take advantage of you in order to benefit financially. Keep a close eye on the competition, Cancer.

The Full Moon of May 21, 2016 also falls into your House of Health. Until May 27 2016, Mars travels in the House of Health. Mars and the Full Moon give you the energy and perseverance to exercise every day and eat healthy food. In case of health problems, please see a doctor. Fatigue and lethargy is a big problem at the end of the month. Please note to avoid alcohol and junk food in May 2016. High blood sugar can affect your stress level considerably. And that leads to mood swings. Self-control is a big problem especially at the beginning of the month.

Jealousy is a green small snag in May 2016. Jealousy is usually the result of an overactive imagination and a lack of confidence. Jealousy is always about you, not about the other person. Writing poems or songs can be a wonderful way to express love and emotions. Be generous in giving compliments and encouragement of those who love you. Set healthy boundaries in giving and taking. Don’t waste energy on those who are not worthy of your commitment.