Aquarius May 2016


Aquarius May 2016

May 2016 is a month in which you are focused on yourself. You go for yourself, Aquarius. Do not be afraid to be an island this month, Aquarius. Be proud.

Love and Relationships
A difficult month for love and relationships, Aquarius. There is a difference between words and deeds. Your partner doesn’t understand these conflicting signals and before you know it, there are problems. You're not always aware of the energies around you and signals that you send yourself. So your partner thinks you are in an angry mood and you are not. So think before you speak or act. The Full Moon of May 21, 2016 falls in your House of Friendships. A social period to make new friends. Next month, the Full Moon is also in the House of Friendships. There will be parties and events, but you can organize a party or event just the same. Unfortunately, in a friendship there may be trouble. In the second half of May 2016 a love relationship or friendship can be broken.

Family and Home
The New Moon of May 6, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. The New Moon opens the door for a move, renovation or redesign of your home or garden. This month you decide to buy new furniture for your house or plan to change your garden.

Stay with your point of view this month and do not get distracted by the opinions of others at work. There are always people who know better especially in the field of science, creativity or technology. You are who you are and no one feels the way you feel. This month you are very innovative and inventive. You will be involved in making some important improvements. Follow your feelings, Aquarius. May 2016 is the month of the unexpected. For example, a business trip or an offer to start something new. This month you excel in your original thinking and astute analysis of complex financial, social or technical issues.

In May 2016 finances are unstable. Neptune in your House of Fiances warns you: Beware for insincere people. Stay close to yourself. In the first half of May 2016 and the end of May 2016 are the best financial opportunities in the form of bonuses and commissions. May 2016 is a month to meet your financial obligations. May 2016 is ideally suited to plan for your financial future.

You are in good health. However, you need to keep living a healthy style of living. You work very hard and you are challenging your body. Don’t over indulge in anything that has a negative effect on your body and your health. Maintain a lifestyle that has a healthy based diet and the average level of exercise. An active based hobby or a sport helps you to remain healthy, Aquarius.

In May 2016, things are not the way the are. Because of these doubts you need to be more on yourself and keep things to yourself. You don’t trust others this month. Your environment will find your elusive and mysterious, because you go your own way.
What you say is honest and straightforward. Even though this not always appreciated, eventually you will get respect and support.