Virgo March 2016


Virgo March 2016

This month the focus is on interpersonal communication, both personally and in business.

Love and Relationships
The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships. In the next six months, a new relationship or a solid relationship will be further strengthened. An engagement or wedding is possible. The formation of a business partnership is also possible with or without your partner. The Solar Eclipse in March 2016 will be the end for all kinds of unbalanced and unsatisfactory relationships, both personal and business. Through a relationship you get to know yourself and transcend your own limitations. That's why you often need a partner who is the opposite of yourself. Especially this month, you feel attracted to vulnerable people who need your help.

Family and Home
From the second week of March 2016 you are entering a period in which the focus is on your family, children, friendships and creative projects. Through the influence of Mars in the House of Family and Home this is the time for action! It is a positive time to show your artistic and creative side. Also a time to organize a party or with your family to tackle a project in the house.

Cooperation and business partnership may open new doors for your business or career. Cooperation encourages expanding or gaining the trust of clients. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 opens new doors in your career, but is also a favorable in court or in resolving disputes. However, keep focused and make sure everything you do has a value or is valuable. Don’t waste time and money in March 2016 at things that have no value to you or your business.

The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 is in your House of Finance. In the next six months her will be opportunities to earning more money through a new job or expanding your business. In any case a positive time to build long-term financial security. In the second half of March 2016 are the best opportunities to earn more money or to qualify for bonuses and commissions. As of March 13, 2016 Venus enters your House of Relationships. Venus is your planet of Money. That means a four-week period to generate money through cooperation. A good month for making a savings plan or budget plan. Comparison sites are great to save money when you consider a new insurance!

March 2016 is a great month if you are studying health issues or write a blog or a book about health, medicine or any other issues related to personal care.
You worry about your own health. So strong that you imagine an illness or exaggerate when you feel ill. Focus rather on your health. Don’t worry, watch your diet and go to bed on time!

Relationships are the source of self-knowledge and self-development in March 2016. You hate people who have qualities that you do not recognize yourself. Relationships are your sounding board, they reflect your emotional life. It is worth investigating whom you dislike and ask yourself what they can teach you about yourself and how you can change for the better.