Pisces March 2016


Pisces March 2016

The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 is in your own sign, Pisces! The next six months are dedicated to your personal needs. What makes you happy? Look back at the past year. You have passed all the challenges with your own inner strength and you have grown as a person. Well done, Pisces!

Love and Relationships
Your steady relationship grows and deepens through your inner strength and self-knowledge. To love yourself is the highest form of love, but we need someone else in our lives as s sounding board and to share the love. Be clear to your partner. This month you discuss the most sensitive topics in order to create space in your relationship. Talk things out and focus on mutual cooperation. By working together you can achieve more in any relationship, both in your love as in a business. Pisces is generally shy in love. But not in this period! Your heart is open and overflowing with love. You take the initiative and go for it. A new relationship blossoms and flourishes in March 2016.

Family and Home
In March 2016, you are mainly concerned with cleaning up. Cleaning up your house, decluttering, sorting out clothes, the old out and the new one in. Maybe you already moved. Maybe you buy wallpaper or paint for your house. Time to renovate, decorate and make changes. Spring is coming and that means the time of choice for a cosmic clean-up!

March 2016 is a highly lucrative month for the courageous Pisces. Go for it! If you have a good idea, do not hesitate and let yourself heard! Pisces is in a positive period. Don't wait to long, but act now. From March 7, 2016 Mars travels through your House of Career and will remain there for the next seven months. (In May and June is Mars retrogrades temporarily in the House of Traveling and Abroad). In any case, this is a career-oriented period of hard work in which you are going to build stability and success in the long term. You will work on a project or a business venture.

Financial flexibility and independence are important to you. The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 falls in your House of Joint Finances and assets, taxes, insurance, mortgages and loans. In the next six months the focus will be on financial planning, as well the obligations related to the other such as your love partner, business partner and paying off outstanding bills and regulations. Money is generated through bonuses and commissions and cooperation. Do not spend unnecessary money. Listen to some good advice about your pension and tax benefits.

March 2016 is a good month to improve your health and lifestyle. Think of a new diet or fitness program. With proper diet and exercise you will automatically get back in mental and physical shape. You tend to give up quickly, but the energy of March 2016 is so strong that you are really motivated to persevere.

March 2016 is a very important month for Pisces! The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 gives you a boost of energy and personal power. This is a wonderful time to start new projects and initiating new activities to enrich your life.
Thanks to your sense of assertiveness and high self-esteem, this is the perfect time to make decisions, to enter into a relationship and follow your vocation.