Gemini March 2016


Gemini March 2016

March 2016 is a volcano of energy! The eclipses this month are the gateway to all the new in your life and thus, confidence in the future.

Love and Relationships
In the first half of March 2016 there may be some friction in a relationship. In the second half of March 2016 you are going to meet someone who is going to mean a lot to you. So plan a date in the second half of the month. March 2016 is a gateway to the new in your life. Try something new in love too! Have a date with someone at work or through a dating site. Let your sexual imagination run wild in a steady relationship. Don’t allow your relationship get bogged down in tedium and predictability. Dare to talk about your desires. Take action and dare! Do yourself and your partner a favor!

Family and Home
In the first half of March 2016, there may be problems in the family.
More than ever, your children are relying on your undivided attention this month. They need you! You have to make a choice. Do I want to advise them and guide them or do I give in to the urge to control and protect? It is best to allow children learn from their own mistakes. Perhaps you are ready to have a child or there is good news in your family. Creative projects at home and at work fill your heart with pride and joy!

The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 falls in your House of Career. From that moment on, a cosmic passage opens in your career. You get more space to put yourself and your product in the spotlight. Because you're so busy at work, you have to deal with a conflict between work and private life. Obligations at home affect your work. Try to create a healthy balance between work and private life. The most rewarding is when you work with children or provide a form of therapy, or work in the field of psychology or in health care. Through your work, you get an insight into your own life or in the deeper needs of people you assist and advise. By helping others you are karmically lifted to a higher level.

The first half of March 2016 is colored by financial obligations and opportunities to generate more money. Profit can be obtained through joint assets and business partnerships. There is also money coming in through bonuses, additional remuneration, fees and gifts. This month there is clarity on issues relating to children, taxes and maintenance. Positive month for improvements! Have a close look at your financial picture with respect to taxes, credit cards and loans. Also to make a budget-plan or establish a savings plan.

In the first week of March 2016, you can suffer from stress, anxiety and headache or feel like you are overworked. This feeling gradually diminishes this month. On March 6, 2016 Mars leaves your House of Health. In the second half of March 2016 you will feel much better, Gemini.

You find the strength within yourself to fulfill a new positive role in your career, family and community. There is a large emphasis on the destination and career for Gemini in March 2016. You finally get the recognition and reward especially if you are working in higher education or as a researcher. Whether you are participating in the working process, March 2016 makes you think about your status in life and how you want to be seen by others.