Capricorn March 2016


Capricorn March 2016

March 2016 is the month of diversity, communication and learning. Learning from and through others. You will meet many new people in your personal life and business life. There's a lot of information for you this month. You should try to be flexible in your thinking to embrace new methods and broaden your options.

Love and Relationships
March 2016 is the month par excellence to bring together more time with your loved one. March 2016 is a month to seek the company of good friends. You could meet someone who is going to play a big role in your life. Make time for your relationship. Your partner needs your undivided attention desperately!
You're busy at work, you are suffering from stress and there are always excuses. Your partner often do not know what you want and often you give vague or contradictory signals. You are suffering from stress and this you take out on your spouse. Talk about why you experience stress. The best remedy is to get away from it all, together with your beloved. Return to yourself.

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 falls in your House of Communication, short journeys, siblings, friends and neighbors. In the next six months there are more short trips and visits to your home or you are going to pay someone a visit yourself. It also shows a period of more phone calls, emails and text messages. In the next six months your computer, mobile phone, car or other vehicle has to be repaired or replaced. A sibling or other family member is going to help you with overdue maintenance of your house.

The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 falls in your House of Career. In the next six months you have more chance for a new job, a promotion or the ability to generate more money. A positive time to work together to advance your career and relationship with customers, employees or business partner. In the first half of March 2016 you become stressed by extra work on a large project. The pace is high in March 2016. A month of lots of information, people and paperwork. A great month for the study. Do try to keep your wits about you, because you are distracted very easily. So much happens this hectic month! Write down everything, be clear and accurate and stick to your agenda. A business trip is possible this month. This month you have to deal with coordinating an event, a speech, essay or presentation. Again: Be accurate, powerful and to the point!

This month is financially beneficial, Capricorn. It is likely that you will earn more money in the next six months, because of a new job or more assignments in your business. The second half of March 2016 is the most beneficial for your career and finances with the most chances of financial success for the long term.

As of March 6, 2016 Mars travels through your House of Separation and Release. The next seven months is a time to work in peace and seclusion for the benefit of your health and wellbeing. Because of the retrogradation of Mars takes its influence in this House is longer than usual. Use this time, Capricorn. You need it.

March 2016 is a busy month. For no reason you feel anxious, agitated and then again thrilled. Because of your changing moods you are irritated and you express angry words that you regret later. Do not take hasty decisions and when you feel like this, have a walk. Don’t postpone things this month. If you've got something important to tell or want to do something important, do it. Again, do it with tact and do not rush.