Cancer March 2016


Cancer March 2016

The Solar Eclipse of March 2016 makes you think about the abstract elements of your life. How do you see life in general, how do you deal with your life, what do you do with your life? Your beliefs, both spiritually and generally changing. These changes mean that your needs and ambitions are changing as well.

Love and Relationships
The presence of Mars in your House of Love makes March 2016 a very active month for love. In a committed relationship, there may be quarrels, but they are necessary to ensure that your feelings and efforts are respected and heard. It’a all about the healthy balance between giving and taking within the relationship. Mars is sexuality. Your sex life is amazing thanks to Mars! Sex is a great way to relax in a stressful month like this. Stop quarreling and make it up!

Family and Home
The first week of March 2016 will focus on children and creative projects. The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. This month there are issues on the agenda that have to do with your home, such as repairs, rent issues, renovation, alteration or relocation. Your partner is angry that your career comes first place. Make sure at least that the weekend is for you and your partner! The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 shows a journey or a trip to the sea or to visit someone abroad.

Your career planet is Mars. Your career is positively encouraged this month by the presence of Mars in the House of Work! You are open to new experiences and ways of thinking. There are career opportunities such as a promotion or new job. You also make an important decision to enter into a business agreement. It can be a productive period with profitable results, but you also realize that it takes a lot of time, effort and attention in order to generate profits. Mars in the House of Work shows a busy six months. Venus in the ninth House shows a journey, but also to promote a new study to advance your career or new research or promotion of your product in the media. Saturn challenges you to move up a gear and to pay more attention to the marketing of a product. March 2016 gives you the chance to show what you are capable of to solve problems and take the lead in stressful situations. March is a fast, dynamic month of long hours and unprecedented technological capabilities. A successful month for the Cancer who works as a lawyer, judge, writer or in publishing, universities and spirituality.

This month you have to deal with competition and proving yourself. March 2016 is a real financial challenge and it is not easy to be ahead of the competition. There is opposition. Despite the opposition, look for ways to show your right. Adversity is the mother of creativity. Do not be scared. You have the inner strength to progress and succeed if you keep to yourself.
Trust your intuition. If you see a financial opportunity, act now and not wait until the time is over. Your intuition is your secret weapon in March 2016.

From the second week of March 2016, Mars travels through your House of Health. The time has come to get started with your health and well-being time. Until the end of September 2016 you experience a period to be active, eat healthier, start with a diet or doing exercises to strengthen or to lose weight. Mars and Saturn appeal to your self-discipline. You are solely responsible for your body, health and wellness. You can not be responsible for everyone and everything. Everyone is responsible for his or her life. Be clear about your needs and what someone else can and can not expect from you.

In March 2016 ethical or moral positions are exposed that both are controversial and touch you emotionally. You're changing, your ambitions and motivations are changing. You're going to think differently. Your old world does not correspond with your new world anymore. It is a kind of awakening again in new ways of thinking. It can, however, dispose you of some people and things that once were familiar to you. Whatever happens, see it as a confirmation that you are changing and growing as a person. Be the inspiring example to others.