Aquarius March 2016


Aquarius March 2016

March 2016 is the month of rediscovering yourself. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 gives you a sense of confidence and inner strength. You feel reconnected to your core values and desires. Your self-esteem and inner strength is enhanced to face the future with confidence. Ego, inner wealth and financial status are the common thread in March 2016.

Love and Relationships
From March 7, 2016 Mars enters your House of Friendships, Groups and Organizations. Due to retrogradation, Mars remains much longer than usual in this House. A social period of seven months of celebrations and events. It is possible that you will organize active events! The influence of Mars can cause quarrels in a group of friends or a friendship may end. New friendships are also likely this social period. You radiate so much confidence and strength, so love comes naturally your way. In a committed relationship, teamwork is the most important now. Going out together, sporting together, sharing a hobby, make decisions together. Be in it together to the end!

Family and Home
The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 also affects siblings, friends, neighbors and the neighborhood where you live. There will be profound changes in their lives. Your living environment changes through renovation, demolition and new construction. Children, parents, foster parents, in-laws and grandparents require a lot of attention this month.

The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 falls in your House of Travel, Abroad, Study and other cultures. You could change jobs in the next six months or there are opportunities to pursue higher studies. Study plans may change. You travel for your personal development or to support your career. Through the influence of Mars in your House of Career, in the first half of the month you are more to yourself and your career progress. You are rebellious and what you do not want to do things that are required of you. In the second half of the month you will be given the opportunity to fully exploit your talents. You get more independent work that you suit you well. March 2016 is a positive month. More income through a second job, part-time, skill or hobby.

March 2016 can be a turning point for the financial situation in your business or household. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 is in your House of Finance. In the next six months there will be more money, more work in your company, a promotion at work or a new job. Saturn challenges the Solar Eclipse, so do not expect it all goes without saying. You'll have to make an effort! The first half of March 2016 looks most promising to generate money or profit in your business. Be careful that you do not spend more money this month than you earn. Provide an efficient business plan and financial plan to generate more income.

The Moon represents your health. The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 has a major influence on your health. In the next six months your health will improve. You decide to go on a diet or to follow an exercise program to improve your health and vitality.

Every Aquarius at this time of year the need to prove themselves in a material sense. But are you really happy with that new car or clothes? These things are secondary. Live according to your own unique values and conditions and allow some else to do the same. That is makes life valuable.