March 2016

March 2016

The third month of 2016 is colored by two eclipses and planetary dance of Jupiter in Virgo with Pluto in Capricorn. A cosmic desire to improve and grow and change, of adaptation and decision making.
A period of optimism that will last until the end of June 2016.
During this period, we see shifts in the political, social and economic structures all over the world.
Jupiter in Virgo is retrograde in March 2016 and will be until May 8, 2016. Only after the first week of August 2016 Jupiter leaves its retrograde shadow behind and it is full steam ahead.

From March 6, 2016 until March 22, 2016 our fast messenger Mercury rushes in the dreamy waters of Pisces.
From March 12 to March 16, 2016 Mercury in Pisces is conjunct Neptune and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius.
These sobering confrontation between Mercury and Neptune with Saturn creates doubt and suspicion about the daily news the media wants us to believe. Overall, what we hear or what we are supposed to believe doesn’t make any sense. What is truth? Does the lie reign over us?
Things are being pulled out of perspective. The media will seduce and deceive us and paint a false picture of reality.
In this period of Saturn square Mercury conjunct Neptune, mankind is increasingly aware of the organized deceptive role of the media. With this planerairy stand-off, people no longer believe in lies, dogmas, false rhetoric and on faith based manipulations. All we want is The truth. The truth, nothing but the truth!

In 2016, we have eclipses. In March and September 2016.
Each Eclipse leads to profound and lasting changes that will last in the next six months.
Midst this evolutionary period of shifts and changes we see the first Total Solar Eclipse of 2016 of March 9, 2016.
Eclipses always mark important turning points in our lives. They enable us to switch and gain access to a whole new dimension in our reality. The effect of an Eclipse is so intense that its effect will last for the next 19 years!
It is essential to pay special attention to what we say and the decisions we make at the time of the Eclipse. Words and actions during an Eclipse tend to be irreversible.
The Pisces theme of humanity, visions and dreams, healing and enlightenment is clearly highlighted by this particular Eclipse.
The first Solar Eclipse of 2016 is a particularly strong Super Blood Moon and falls on the 18th degree in the sensitive, emotional Pisces.
This Super Moon is an energetic portal to profound insights of unity and solidarity.
Pisces has a connection to the oceans and with all oceanic life. This Total Eclipse in Pisces can lead to enormous problems having to do with water, a disaster at sea or large-scale nuclear pollution of the oceans. Something will come to an end.
A frantically kept secret deal or cover-up that has to do with religion, karma, spirituality and beliefs will be revealed.
This Eclipse is observable in Southeast Asia including Indonesia.

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On March 7, 2016 Mars enters the fire sign of Sagittarius. Mars has temporarily abandoned the intense Scorpio, but will return there (retrograde effect) from late May 2016 to early August 2016.
The fiery Mars feels very good in the equally fiery Sagittarius. Here Mars is the inspired crusader. Mars is in Sagittarius more adventurous, wild and more impulsive than it was in Scorpio.
In the first three weeks of March 2016 Mars is at odds with the Sun and Mercury in Pisces and in the second half of March 2016 with a very sensitive, but touchy and delicate Venus in Pisces.
March 2016 is thus marked by disagreements, hypersensitivity and over-reactions.
Until end September 2016, the world will see more violence, terrorism and competition.
Mars will return to Scorpio from late May 2016 to early August 2016, but from august until the end of September 2016, Mars in Sagittarius will lead to stubbornness, arrogance and complacency.
By then, the presidential election in the United States will be in full swing.
A time of strife, resent, reproaches, insults, accusations and allegations.
On March 17, 2016, we can rejoice in a beautiful Trine in Earth formed by Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.
A positive tribute aspect of groundbreaking innovation and strength. Anything is possible with this aspect! The more trust we have, the greater the chance that something will turn out well and that solutions will be found to individual and social problems. There is hope.
In short, if we stand firmly behind a cause, we have a chance to succeed.

On March 21 the Sun enters the sign of Aries. We celebrate the Spring Equinox. The beginning of Spring! We celebrate the festival of Ostara, the goddess of the shining light, growth and creation.
A particularly volatile period in which new energy can lead to structural changes in ourselves and in the world around us.
Spring has arrived.
The beginning of a new astrological year.
A new phase of spiritual growth and awareness!

The Sun begins a new solar cycle, a new beginning of the karmic cycle.
Pisces is a gateway to Aries, the point of birth, the beginning. In Pisces we have learned the karmic lesson that we are all one. Commitment. Aries outs commitment into action. If we stick to what has been, no progress will be possible.
Only when we realize that we destroy ourselves and our planet, then change is possible.
We must do it together, otherwise it will never succeed. It is up to us whether we make the choice to bring our lives to a higher purpose, or that we continue to follow the path of greed and destruction.

On March 23, 2016 we have a Total Penumbral Eclipse on 3º in Libra. This Total Lunar Eclipse is visible in Asia, Australia and the west of America.

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However, on the very same day, an annoying square between the retrograded Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius messes up this day.
Jupiter goes to battle with Saturn.
Jupiter says YES, Saturn says NO.
Economic expansion and hope for the future encounter stagnation and gloom. Because of this sentiment, a new economic crisis is not excluded.
This Square means economic difficulties in the economic field and also denial, anxiety and uncertainty for the future.
Because of this Square, social responsibilities are denied and avoided.
Ostrich-like policy, burying our heads in the sand.
It’s advisable not to make thoughtless decisions. It’s better to wait quietly until the end of June 2016!

On March 25, 2016 is at 16º24 Saturn in Sagittarius turns retrograde.

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Easter Sunday falls on March 27 2016!
Because of the Saturn retrograde and in the shadow of the Eclipses, all kinds of relationships will be under pressure and pushed out of their conform zones.
Easter 2016 will be revealing!

I wish you all an inspiring and dynamic March 2016!