Virgo June 2016


Virgo June 2016

June 2016 is a hectic month, Virgo. The temptation this month is to follow thoughts and ideas of others. Don’t do that, Virgo. Remain critical and follow your heart. What seems like a great opportunity, is often a waste of time.

Love and Relationships
In the first week of June 2016, there are problems in a committed relationship, because the truth is not always told.
June 2016 is a lucky month for love, but stay on your toes! The Virgo who is looking for love has a very strong desire to connect with someone with similar interests. Don’t rush into anything and keep all your options open this month. In June 2016 it comes to diversity. Someone with very different interests opens your creativity and imagination. The best time for love is the last week of June 2016. You are willing to forgive and forget for the sake of harmony.

Family and Home
Your career demands your attention, so your family life comes in second place this month. The trick is to balance both areas in order to keep everyone satisfied. At the end of June 2016, there is more time for children and creative projects in and around the house.
The Full Moon of June 20, 2016 is once again in your Home of Family and Home. It's possible that you're in the middle of a move or have plans to move. In any case, there are changes involving the house or family. Saturn in the House of Family shows that there are a number of important obligations at home. A relocating is postponed. From June 29, 2016 Mars runs direct again. It looks like there will be a definitive solution in August / September 2016.

The focus this month is on your career. On June 6, 2016 the New Moon falls in your House of Career. You get praise, recognition, promotion or assignments. The New Moon in Gemini shows opportunities in your business or an increase the chance of getting a new job. On June 13, Mercury (ruler of Virgo) also enters the Career House. Everything indicates that your career is on the rise. The problem is that you're easily bored. You have trouble to focus on everyday issues. But if there is a challenging side on it, you are at your best. Promotion, the relationship with your customers, new customers, staff training, motivational workshops or work-related trips inspire you and make productive in June 2016.

Venus is your planet of Finance. Until June 17, 2016 Venus travels in your House of Career. Venus takes it easy this month. That means a financial break. Reluctance to spend money is important at the beginning of June 2016, both in business and private. Financial plans for the future at the end of June 2016. It is a good month to invest in your company. But here's reluctance the motto, also with a loan or financial plan. Do not take big financial decisions.
The position of Mercury shows that you are going on vacation or going on a business trip. Again, be cautious with your spending. Consider unforeseen expenses.

You're tired and you need time for yourself. Your immune system could use a boost in June 2016. Provide vitamin B complex and vitamin D. Spend time outdoors as much as possible and charge yourself with the power of the sun. Regular exercise and massages are good to get your inner turmoil in balance. No strenuous activity or strenuous exercise programs. Watch what and how much you eat! Take some rest in between. Go to bed on time! From June 21 2016 your health improves, Virgo.

Every Virgo feel the impact of the Eclipses of March 2016. On 8 and 9 June 2016 and 23 and June 24, 2016, the Sun and Venus are once again on the location of the last Solar Eclipse. This can affect your financial picture. Avoid stressful activities and take it easy. Listen to your heart. Plan a few days off.