Taurus June 2016


Taurus June 2016

Remain flexible and do not get upset at delays in June 2016. You can not force things this month, Taurus. If you are willing to learn and accept, then in June 2016 a stimulating and interesting month!

Love and Relationships
Mars, planet of your relationships, turns direct on June 29, 2016 in your House of Relationships. It does not mean that everything in the relationship is copacetic. There may be a power struggle or distance or you never agree with each other. In case there are problems the time has come to resolve them. Not everyone thinks the way you do. Love is a verb, so work on your relationship! Be open and clear, seek help if you do not work things out. This applies not only in love, but in every form of relationship, Taurus. Make it up with that colleague or friend. If you're looking for love, you find it on a journey or with someone from a different cultural background.

Family and Home
This month, friction can occur in your home. It is all about setting boundaries. Show some more patience with your family, especially during the first week and the last week of June 2016. Take some distance, too. If possible, plan no conversion or other stressful activities. A more indulgent and loving approach to family and friends leads to a better understanding.

Taurus who works in the literary world, education, media, sales, marketing and PR is the most successful this month. A good month for the study and promotion. June 2016 is a month of information. Of detailed research, interpretation of facts and figures, reports and findings. Responding to changes and effectively dealing with your time. June 2016 is also the month of meetings and negotiations. The best business opportunities come from 12 June 2016. The second half of June 2016 and mainly June 26, 2016 provides a great opportunity for success in your career or more profit in your business.

Taurus finds itself in a prosperous period! Its is very busy in your House of Finance this month with the presence of the New Moon, Mercury, Venus and the Sun! Mercury is your financial planet. This means more revenue from June 13, 2016! The New Moon on June 6 2016 falls in your House of Finance. There will be more money coming from another job or opportunity to earn more money. The Full Moon on June 20, 2016 shows a closing period of financial obligations such as paying debts, bills and other financial obligations. At the end of the month, there are also small financial obstacles that lead to some necessary changes.

At the beginning of the month, you do not feel so well. You may suffer from fatigue, nervousness or you have a cold. You might prefer just a time-out! Know that the Grand Trine in Earth this month is a great help to you, even though it is just not easy. You can improve your health by a shoulder massage, acupuncture or acupressure. In the second half of the month, good nutrition, emotional and physical rest have a beneficial effect on your health.

From the third week of June 2016 data processing is becoming increasingly important. Good time to read books and articles, a study, make phone calls and overdue correspondence. Deciding what is and is not important can be very stressful in June 2016. There is so much to do at work, at home and in your social life. Furthermore, Speech is silver, silence is golden, Taurus.