Scorpio June 2016


Scorpio June 2016

June 2016 is primarily a financial month. Also, your House of Transformation is crowded. An indication that the old is going to disappear for the new in order to make personal growth possible.

Love and Relationships
June 2016 is a romantic month for Scorpio! You want to pamper your partner with sweet attentions, gifts, flowers, candlelight dinners... with your loving attention, your love life blossoms again. A hug, a sweet smile and your warm handshake, is all your partner needs. In June 2016, you are intuitive and understanding and you know how to act and how to find the right words. There is more peace and relaxation. The recipe for romantic and exciting hours!

Family and Home
Most of the planets are at the top of the Scorpio horoscope, but your home, family and emotional well-being remain the most important things in your life. The time has come to take part in the activities of everyday life, your career and your outer goals. To be successful in the outside world, a stable inner world, however, is essential. Look for the right balance between private life and career.

June 2016 is the month par excellence to make a good impression both at work and in your own company. Show who you are and what you have to offer. June 2016 is an auspicious month for the job seeker Scorpio. Be creative about how you are going to apply. Introduce yourself spontaneously to potential employers, send your CV even when there is no vacancy. Go for broke first, go for anything else second. Show them what you've got and how you can stand out from the pack.

Jupiter, your financial planet, joins the North Node this month, so you're extra focused this month on your finances and that you are doing well. June 2016 is the perfect month to get a loan or negotiate financial matters such as taxes (business or personal), creditors, installments or a budget plan. June 2016 is not a good time to borrow from friends. A handshake is not worth anything, make sure that agreements are recorded in writing. The New Moon of June 6, 2016 falls in your house of joint finances, taxes, insurance and loans. There are bonuses and commissions, gifts and rewards, including a tax refund or other financial benefits. The Full Moon of June 20, 2016 falls in your House of Finance, just like last month. At the end of the month you receive more money because of a new job and you can build more financial security for the future.

Mars is your planet of Health. Mars retrogrades this month. You may feel tired in the first half of June 2016, or even ill. You need a lot of rest and relaxation. Get relaxation in creativity. You need to catch up some sleep! Pay attention to your dreams in June 2016. These dreams give clues about your future, your subconscious mind or what's on your mind. Your dreams have meaning. June 2016 is a month where you will be attracted by the invisible and the hidden meanings in life. As of June 21, 2016 your health improves with the Sun in Cancer.

You are very intuitive at this time. June 2016 is a great month to help people, especially young and vulnerable people. Aim yourself this month on the spiritual life. Poetry, music, theater, concerts mosques, churches, libraries, castles and art galleries are a source of spiritual awakening. Here you will find the meaning of life, here your questions will be answered.