Sagittarius June 2016


Sagittarius June 2016

The Full Moon of June 20, 2016 is in your own sign, Sagittarius.
June 2016 is very productive month. The planetary shift shows that the outside world is becoming more important to focus on your career.
On June 29, 2016 Mars runs direct again. The energy starts to flow and by then you are motivated projects or tasks to succeed.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon of June 6, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships. Many opportunities for love! Thanks to the influence of Saturn, someone comes into your life with whom you will work personally or professionally. June 2016 is a month of more clarity and calmness in all forms of relationships. Your planet of Love is Mercury. On 23 and June 24, 2016 Mercury reactivates the Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016. Your spouse is impatient and rebellious. Show more patience and understanding. In a new relationship, it is better to keep it light and take it slow.

Family and Home
At the beginning of June 2016 you enjoy being at home. In the second half of the month you want to change your home or create a design for your home. It is possible that you are going to buy home accessories or new furniture for your house. There is also more emphasis on children.

June 2016 is the month of the "mini-eclipses. The Solar Eclipse of March 9, 2016 will be reactivated. There is unrest at work (new direction) or circumstances are affecting your health. So there will be a pause to adjust plans and change course. Summer Solstice on June 21, 2016 is a good time for reflection. A change of course or other religious and philosophical convictions. Be clear in your communication, because errors and misinterpretations are likely at the moment.
Stick to your guns. No means no. Be yourself and don not copy someone at work. That's not you, Sagittarius.

June 2016 is not an auspicious month for making major financial decisions or major strategic decisions. Keep it simple and stick to the rules. Also do not take any unnecessary risks and do not embark on uncharted territory. Be careful who you are confiding in both at work and in business dealings. Saturn is your planet of Finance. Saturn is retrograded. The whole month the money does not fall from the sky and you have to work hard for it. At the end of the month there will be some relaxation.

In the first three weeks of June 2016 your health is fluctuating.
You're out of balance. Health will improve after June 21, 2016. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. A regular massage of your neck and shoulders is necessary. Music has a soothing effect now that you're so sensitive. Dreams bring you sudden insights and clues to make decisions. Follow your heart, Sagittarius.

You're undecided in June 2016 and you are struggling with ideas and plans. You always change your mind. It is actually a difficult month to make rational decisions, because the information you have is vague and unclear. Your best friend may be a very important adviser. Listen good, because you see the world from a different perspective.