Libra June 2016


Libra June 2016

June 2016 is an earthy and practical month. The focus is on the top half of the Libra horoscope, so your career is your greatest attention. Family and home also ask for your attention. Finding the right balance is the biggest challenge this month.

Love and Relationships
Mars is your planet of Love. Mars is retrograded. In a committed relationship, you are passive and dreamy. You do not understand each other well, so misunderstandings are commonplace. Be clear! Love comes slowly for Libra. The time of quiet admirers ... But who dares to take the first step? Only from June 12, 2016 the time has come to connect with a partner. A new love may be work-related. In the second half of June 2016, friends play a unifying role. Mars runs direct from 29 June 2016. From that period, a more communicative period dawns.

Family and Home
The New Moon falls on June 6, 2016 falls in your House of Travel. This month you go abroad with your family or family come over to pay you a visit.
In June 2016, you help a friend or family member and that gives you a good feeling. In this period it is every man for himself, it seems, and it is good to make a difference. Previous month, the Full Moon was in your House of Communication, short trips, Brothers and Sisters. On June 20, 2016 this is also the case. Uranus, your planet of Love, is supporting the Full Moon.
Another reference to a trip or a visit from a family member.

Collaboration is bittersweet this month, Libra. You expect a close bond with colleagues in June 2016. Colleagues you can always rely on. However, if there are underlying problems and dissatisfaction at work, there is suspicion, gossip and even dishonesty. You are busy maintaining this month to keep the harmony in the workplace. The job seeker Libra has the best chances in the first three weeks of June 2016. June 2016 is the most successful for the creative Libra and Libra who works in the medical world, homeopathy, natural medicine, nutrition, health and wellness.

June 2016 is a month to keep your finances properly monitored. Especially in the first three weeks of June 2016. You want to treat yourself and therefore spend more than is actually possible. Pluto is your planet of Finance. Mars is the "little brother" of Pluto, and is your financial and material planet. With retrograded Mars in the House of Finance, June 2016 does not seem to be a good financial period, but Mars causes financial delays because of your own inattentive or careless mistakes. So pay attention to all financial transactions. Check everything three times before you make a payment over the Internet. Keep purchase receipts and read the fine print in contracts or guarantee certificate.

Generally you health is good this month. Allergies can emerge in June 2016. Be careful what you eat and drink. No sugar! At the beginning of the month, you get tired and that's a sign that your body needs rest. Rest, relax and catching up on much needed sleep. However, you will be awarded little rest. Make sure you take plenty of rest in between, Libra.

In this busy period, it is good to insert moments of rest. Take the time to read a book, for your hobbies or chuck it all. You need to pamper yourself. Awaken your soul to the beauty of life. There is so much more in life, Libra.