Leo June 2016


Leo June 2016

Since April 19, 2016 a planetary shift has taken place in which your own contribution became more important. The cosmic balance indicates that the time has come to develop personal initiative, independence and personal skills. Your terms, your way. It is possible that others consider this as being selfish, but that's their problem. The Cosmos challenges you and you rise to that challenge.

Love and Relationships
Love this month is intertwined with friendship, involvement with groups and group activities. The New Moon of June 6, 2016 falls in your House of Friendships, groups and organizations. June 2016 is therefore a social month. New friendships are being made and existing friendships take on a new dimension. In love, issues of trust and your own feelings of vulnerability become important. June 2016 is a romantic month, but also a month of emotional confusion and unresolved pain from past relationships, which leads to self-doubt and insecurity within the current relationship. Don’t jump to conclusions, Leo.
Good opportunities and good news comes through friends, including friends you have not seen or spoken for a very long time.

Family and Home
Your perception is strong this month. Sit around the table to discuss a dispute with family or friends. At the beginning of the month and around June 20, 2016 is an important conversation about a child having to do with finances. The Full Moon of June 20, 2016 falls in your House of Love, Creativity and Children. A loving time of sharing and togetherness. Again, children need your warm attention and support. In the second half of June 2016 are the best opportunities to be together with your family or share unforgettable moments together.

Venus is the planet of your career. In the second half of June 2016, a diplomatic and flexible attitude is required in the workplace. It is possible that your career comes to a standstill or even ends. You are in a period of big changes and developments that simply have to be done in order to continue your development. June 2016 is an excellent month for business decisions, especially if your career is intertwined with the community and where social issues are vital. June 2016 is a very good month for social workers and counselors.

Mercury is your planet of Finance. Mercury is retrograded and finds itself in your House of Career from April 6th 2016. Until June 12th, 2016 you enjoy financial tailwind by higher wages from work or financial help from parents or assistance from the government. After this period, you enter a much calmer period at work. Less work means less revenue.

Health is fine, Leo. In the first half of June 2016, you are tired and that has to do with a busy last month. In the second half of June 2016, the Sun and your career planet Venus are in your House of Silence. Time for a timeout! A short break would do you good. Refuel, Leo.

June 2016 is a good month to write. Keeping a diary, writing a blog or writing a book. You are very creative and inspired by Venus and the Moon. Enter into contact with people around you both professional and personal. Your customers, but also friends and relatives. Let everyone know that they really matter to you.