Cancer June 2016


Cancer June 2016

June 2016 is the month of rest and preparation, Cancer.
The first three weeks of June 2016 is primarily a spiritual period of inner growth. A nice time to read, inquire, attending lectures and seminars and to show your commitment.

Love and Relationships
Walk the path of caution, Cancer. Your planet of love is Saturn. Saturn is retrograded for the time being. Loyalty is the key to the relationship this month.
When you feel neglected in a relationship, this will end. Why would you give your precious love and affection to someone that doesn’t deserve you? Don’t get your hopes up too high. The second half of June 2016 and especially June 26, 2016 is the best time for all forms of cooperation and communication with the partner.

Family and Home
Mars turns direct from June 29, 2016 after a long period of retrogradation from April 17, 2016. Domestic issues that have been frozen are finally addressed. There will also be clarity on outstanding issues related to home and family. In the period ahead you are going to make a decision about a child or you receive news about a child that you have long had been waiting for.

June 2016 is a good month for your career and for your long-term goals.
The second week of June 2016 brings significant business opportunities. In particular, the period around June 26, 2016 to open doors. Collaboration and partnerships lead then to the joint establishment of a company with profit opportunities in the long term.
The Full Moon of June 20, 2016 falls in Your House of Work. The rest of the month is dedicated to a lot of work, a new job or additional contracts in your company. The Cancer operating in the world of creativity, entertainment, film and music is the most successful this month. Less favorable month for the banking, construction, management and accountancy. Information is blurred and incomplete. Use your intuition at different options and don’t look back.

The Sun in your planet of Finance. On June 21, 2016, the Sun passes the Cancer ascendant. The beginning of the Summer. For the Cancer a period of inner growth and a prosperous period of financial windfalls and opportunities.
Venus enters your sign on June 18 2016. From that moment on you want to shine and spend your money on your appearance. However, wait until next month for important financial decisions. Not a good month to gamble or speculate. If something is too good to be true, in most cases it probably is.

The New Moon of June 5, 2016 falls in your House of Dreams. A period of rest and relaxation. A time to go on a vacation or just catching up some sleep! The Full Moon falls on June 20, 2016 in your House of Health. Health and wellness become very important. A medical check-up is no luxury, but necessary. Also pay attention to your diet and weight.

In June 2016, you will learn a lot about the power of subtlety to potential growth and development. In recent years you've gone through a huge process of transformation. Not everyone is happy with your transformation. Some feel uncomfortable and some even feel threatened.
Document in writing all verbal agreements.