Aries June 2016


Aries June 2016

June 2016 is a good month to start new projects or initiatives. As long as it’s love or creativity. As long as it comes from the heart! You are a true inspiration this month. Set a good example.

Love and Relationships
In June 2016 it is all about love and mental intimacy in a relationship. Especially in the first half of June 2016 is all about communication and sharing of ideas. Appearance is less important than the inner richness of your loved one. Great month for writers and journalists. When you are looking for love you will find it in places where books and computers are! Such as educational institutions, lectures, seminars, workshops or at school, the library or bookstore. Venus is your planet of love. From June 18, 2016 Venus travels through your House of Family and Home. By then, you need more space for yourself.

Family and Home
The New Moon of June 5, 2016 shows that family ties play a key role this month. Little things in the house involving your roommates or family members irritate you. You need space for yourself. In the second half of June 2016 there will be more time to do fun things with kids and get support from an elderly relative. Children play a big role this month. Support children with their homework, sports activities or exams. Coaching or spiritual guidance is rewarding and can be productive.

June 2016 is the month to make a decision to take a new path in your career or business. In the first half of June 2016, there are delays, obstruction and financial plans and project ideas are being put to the test. Check contracts and insurance policies and ensure that relevant information is correct to avoid problems.
On June 29, 2016 your planet Mars runs direct again, so it's time to take decisive action.
The Full Moon of June 20, 2016 shows that a course or study can take you further towards your path. The last week of June 2016 will be an important week of unprecedented opportunities.

Be careful in June 2016. This month, you are inclined to spend more money than you actually earn. You think it's all possible, but be realistic. There will be more opportunities at the end of the month, but be cautious in the first three weeks. On June 26, 2016 you may enjoy a financially advantageous connection of Jupiter and Pluto!

Your general health is good in June 2016. But you need rest and relaxation, especially in the first three weeks of the month. In the first half of June 2016 you'll benefit from a neck and back massage. Do not waste your precious energy with no negative thoughts, Aries.

Spend this month more energy on creative or philanthropic projects. Altruism feels good. Your dedication and passion are the keys to success this month! Focus in other directions in the first three weeks of June 2016. Career and finances will gain momentum from the end of the month. From June 26 and when Mars turns direct on June 29, 2016.