Virgo july 2016


Virgo July 2016

Love is complicated this month. Te retrograded Neptune is your planet of Love and is conjunct the South Node. This provides many opportunities despite a feeling like something is missing. Since last month the focus is on your own strength and independence. You live from inside yourself and that's good, as long as you don’t lose not sight of the fact that others have needs and rights as well.

Love and Relationships
In the first half of the month, friendship and the creation of new connections comes in the first place. There is less room for romance. July 2016 is a month of social networking and showing your involvement with groups and organizations both online and in meetings, especially in the first half of the month. The New Moon of July 4th 2016 is in your House of Friendships, Groups and Social Involvement. July 2016 is thus a social month of parties and events to make new friends and contacts. The Full Moon in the House of Love on July 19, 2016 opens the door to a new love and undivided attention in the solid relationship, also for children, sports and recreation. More listening and understanding and less advice or criticism.

Family and Home
July 2016 is a positive month for family and home. A month to make the connection with everything. You follow your heart! The Full Moon of July 19, 2016 falls in your House of Love, Children and creative projects. From that moment on you express your feelings of love to your family and tell them how much you care. Mars supports the Full Moon from your Home of Family and Home. This indicates a relocation, move or family expansion! Jupiter also supports the Full Moon. Jupiter offers unprecedented opportunities and brings good vibes for you and your family.

Mercury is your planet of career. Until July 9, 2016, Mercury is "out of bounds" and that means the beginning of the month is not your favorite time. You want so much, but it just does not work. Or there are high demands. It's possible that you're going on vacation in July 2016 or face a form of delay at work. July 2016 is the perfect month to get an education or learn new skills for the future. During July 2016 the atmosphere at work improves and you can focus better. Improve communication between colleagues, associates and employees. Also pay attention to your social networks, make sure your resume is up to date and that your company grows and responds to supply and demand. Good month also to promote your business. For the Virgo, July 2016 is beneficial for accountants, media professionals, promotion and sales.

In the first week there are unexpected expenses with your phone, computer, car or other means of transportation. The second half of July 2016 is financially the best period. From July 13, 2016 Venus travels through Leo. Venus is your planet of Finance. Intuition becomes important. Dreams are predictive and also through astrology you will get valuable information. Also a great time to focus on the spiritual dimensions of wealth. One of the parents or an elderly person receives a financial windfall and this mean a supporting role for you. At the end of the month, there are more financial opportunities for the Virgo.

About your health, this month there will be no complaining. However, in the first week of July 2016, Mercury could have a negative effect on your health. During the first half of the month be careful on the road and take enough rest. Don’t push too hard. Rather, take a week off at the beginning of the month.

Diplomacy and an objective, but tactful approach of issues are very important in July 2016. It's not what you say but how you say it. Compromise and the middle ground are both beneficial for you and others in July 2016. You are indecisive in July 2016. Take the time to come to sensible and responsible choices.