Sagittarius july 2016


Sagittarius July 2016

July 2016 is a month in which the focus is primarily on career and finances, Sagittarius.

Love and Relationships
Mercury is your planet of Relations. Through the influence of Mercury, there could be problems in love or in your social life during the first week of July 2016. Sexual desire and passion in the first half of July 2016 is strengthened by the presence of the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your House of Intimacy. You are passionate and emotions run high. This can make a relationship closer or more distant. Your willfulness and desire to go your own way is much stronger this month.

Family and Home
Your career demands all your attention on this month. But your family and friends also need your attention. A relative, a parent or an elder in the family or immediate environment requires urgent attention. You need to make more time for your family, friends and children. In the second half of the month Mercury and Venus move into the House of Travel. A great opportunity for an unforgettable holiday.

The best time to get recognition in your career is the first week of July 2016 and the last week of July 2016. The best time for financial opportunities in the long term, agreements and negotiations. Make sure your website is up to date and that you know the business market. Your reputation and image of your company are essential. July 2016 is a good month to establish business contacts and strengthen your career.
July 2016 is a great month for higher studies and scientific research. Scientists, students, teachers and professors are successful and motivated. July 2016 is also a good month for examinations in the financial sector. Jupiter is the planet of your career. Because of the position of Jupiter in the House of Career things are great in your career and this trend continues in the coming month.

The New Moon of July 4, 2016 falls in your House of Mutual Resources, taxes, loans and insurance. A period dawns in which money comes in through marriage, permanent partner, joint venture, joint assets, benefits, taxes, credit and loans. In July 2016 there may be a conflict over joint finances and how to spend it. Saturn is your financial planet. Saturn still retrogrades this month. There are opportunities in July 2016, but there are delays. Have patience with loans and taxes. Use this period of Saturn to sort out your financial records. Get some good advise about tax refunds. The Full Moon of July 19, 2016 falls in your House of Finance. Opportunities to earn more money through a raise or a new job. Jupiter and Mars are supporting the Full Moon, and that is good news regarding finances.

With so many planets in your House of Transformation, in the first three weeks of July 2016 you succeed in losing weight or to keep up a detoxifying diet. A period of release. Letting go of everything and everyone you no longer need. All unnecessary things in your life, property or mental or emotional patterns. This is a time to discover yourself. Your overall health will be even better from 23 July 2016. With the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your House of Travel the best time to go on a well deserved vacation is the second half of the month.

In July 2016, your reputation is important, both private and personal. It's about who you are and what you radiate. As a person you also affect others. Be careful what you say and write on social media. In July 2016 are still many planets in retrograde motion that are essential for you. So there are no major changes. Time for preparation!