Pisces july 2016


Pisces July 2016

July 2016 is generally a complicated month. A month to make the best of it and keep everyone happy. Last month, there was an annual planetary shift in which the emphasis was put on the others in your life. Personal power and independence is not as strong as at the beginning of the year. Goals are achieved through co-operation. It's up to you to find the balance between self-interest and cooperation.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon of July 4, 2016 falls in your House of Love. This month you fall in love or someone falls in love with you. July 2016 is a good month for love, but your relationship is put to the test by the position of Mercury. Mercury is your planet of Love. You are being called on your patience and persistence to manage any relationship. Several times you will have to do some compensating. Issues need to be discussed calmly, not during a fight! You want to make everyone happy, but everyone is responsible for his or her own happiness and wellbeing. Make sure you do not carry all the weight on your shoulders or blame yourself for what goes wrong in the relationship. July 2016 is a month in which you need to find a new balance in your relationship.

Family and Home
The New Moon of July 4, 2016 will bring good news in the family and shows a period giving more time for children and creativity. The Full Moon of July 19, 2016 falls in your House of Friendships, groups and organizations. The second half of July 2016 is about making new friends and connecting with the family. Helping family members or friends is for filling. Do not exaggerate, know when to draw the line. This month you are faced with a time-consuming project at home, but eventually you will be proud with the result.

July 2016 is a positive and busy month for your career, but you don’t care. This month you will meet people with life experience that are important to you. A business trip could open doors for you to better prospects and more personal freedom! In your own business, more revenue thus more profit. Pisces in services, higher education, technology and research are the most successful month. At work you get on well with colleagues and employees. This month you are also trying to improve your skills such as taking some course or training new employees for your business. Also a good month to put your business in the spotlight by a new publication or new website. Auspicious month to find a job in the legal profession, the police, the army or the tourism industry.

The first three weeks of July 2016 can be financially beneficial. Financial objectives are achieved without too much difficulty. Mars is your planet of Finance. The position of Mars in Scorpio indicates profit from abroad, foreigners, foreign enterprises and foreign investments. In the first week of July 2016, there are opportunities to make more money. As of July 12, 2016 you have to be careful with some financial obligations. The second half of July 2016 will be less favorable.

Your health demands attention this month, especially in the first three weeks. Venus is your planet of Health. The position of Venus shows in July 2016 that you have to watch your diet. Be careful too with excess of dietary supplements or a too strict diet. Walk the path of the golden mean, Pisces. Live from your heart, breathe from your heart. Creativity and fun are the keys to inner happiness.

Immerse yourself in the first three weeks of July 2016 on the cosmic power of the Grand Trine in Water. You're more attuned to feelings so dealing with the world is so much easier. A cautious approach to legal transactions is advisable. Don’t rush anything.