Libra july 2016


Libra July 2016

The focus this month is on the career, not so much on love. Last month, from June 19, 2016 Venus entered your House of Career and will stay there until July 12, 2016! Venus is the ruler of Libra. Venus marks the beginning of a strong period in which objectivity, independence and self-consciousness predominate. No wait and see attitude, but time for action, time for change. Your time has come.

Love and Relationships
A good month for love. The first half of July 2016 is the most beneficial for all forms of business cooperation, partnerships and relationships. A social period, but somehow restrained period for the fixed relationship or a new love. Your personal planet Venus enters from July 13, 2016 the Social House of Friendships, groups and organizations. A friend may have feelings for you or your relationship gets a more friendly character.
July 2016 is a month of subtlety in all forms of relationships. Subtle power games and giving and taking. In any case, you find out how deep love goes. When love is not strong enough, old grudges will bubble up.

Family and Home
The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. The Full Moon is the start of a relocation, move, renovation or changes in and around the house. Jupiter supports this Full Moon. A favorable time to sell your house or to buy the house of your dreams.

The New Moon in Cancer falls in your House of Career on July 4, 2016. Positive, energetic and social period for the goals of your own company, a new job, promotion or at least progress in your life. A productive time for meeting new people and initiating new projects. Influential people support your career and open doors for you. You are ambitious and exudes authority in July 2016. You are promoting yourself and your business. Jazz up your CV, introduce yourself spontaneously. No wait-and-see policy, but pitch your ideas and take initiatives. If you are not heard, there is a risk of conflict with your boss or co-workers. Then make use of your persuasive and diplomatic Libra qualities. The first three weeks are favorable if you are looking for work.

Pluto is your planet of Finance. Until the end of September 2016, Pluto retrogrades. The first three weeks of July 2016 are stable for your finances, Libra. It is possible that you don’t see results you had expected, but do not worry. All good things come to those who wait. The position of Mars in your House of Finance makes you to work hard to reach financial goals. From July 23, 2016 you will notice a financial improvement. You get financial support from your partner or family.

In the first three weeks of this month, you need rest and relaxation. A seaside holiday, reading a good book, going to the spa. Pamper yourself with a massage. When the Sun enters the fire sign Leo from July 23, 2016, you get more energy. You will feel much better!

If possible, take any long journey during the first two weeks of July 2016. July 2016 is a good time for study, creative and spiritual pursuits. It is advisable to make yourself aware of the legislation and legal possibilities for your career. Knowledge is power. Ask yourself: is there a future for me in the company I work for or will my company survive? If not, this month is a good time to spread your wings.