Gemini july 2016


Gemini July 2016

July 2016 is a predominantly successful month yet with some ups and downs, so there’s no need to get bored!

Love and Relationships
Your love life is not out of the woods, because of Saturn's presence in the House of Relationship. You have to make an effort to keep te peace in your relationship. This month you're in a gentle mood and you crave love and closeness. You ask loving attention of your partner, but often it is as if you are living in different worlds. If your partner reacts distant, stressed or emotional, you respond moody and angry. Actually, you are deeply touched and hurt. But when your partner meets your needs all bets are off. You have to put a lot of effort into your relationship. The best thing to do is not to force anything and once you feel that your love is not reciprocated, pull yourself back and protect yourself. In a new relationship you want openness, but this may be a disappointment, because you feel yourself rejected.

Family and Home
This month is very busy at your home. July 2016 is the month of emotions and affection. You love to cook for your kids, friends and family this month or you're going to support a family member.
July 2016 is a month to reminisce. You are looking at old photos and want to tell you how your childhood has been. It is possible that you want to write about your childhood. Family relationships, especially with women have a prominent role in July 2016. Tolerance and acceptance are important to (re) build bridges and restore family ties. Avoid stress in the first week of July 2016 at your home. Especially on 6 and July 7, 2016 take it easy, and no busy activities at home.

Neptune in Pisces, your planet from Career is united with the South Node. This means instability in your career, changes in your company or the industry in which you operate. Most planets are on the night side of the Gemini horoscope, so your focus is more at your inner process, home and family this month. Your planet Mercury, ruler of Gemini is in the first week of July 2016 out of reach of the Sun and goes its own way. Be careful because you are inclined to take unwise business risks. At school and during your studies, there may be problems or you notice that students need more guidance. After July 22, 2016, there is more chance of business success and in your studies.
July 2016 is a great month when you are looking for a job. Flexibility, such as telecommuting, teleworking, writing reviews, pod casting is a great source of income this month. Also a great month to write books and articles about emotions, nature and lifestyle. Overall July 2016 a favorable month to invest and save money.

The first three weeks of July 2016 are financially beneficial. The emphasis is on fiscal issues. The New Moon of July 4, 2016 is in your House of Finance. Through this financial position ambiguities will be clarified. You get all the information you need to make good financial decisions. Revenues come from your own work or undertaking of writing books, articles or blogs, education, journalism, sales, marketing and PR. Your financial intuition is very strong. Also, more chance of success in speculation and lotteries.

On July 7, 2016 Mercury squares Pluto. You may have to deal with a health problem or a health problem with a family member. From July 23, 2016, the Sun travels through the House of Gemini. A favorable position for a vacation and possibility of reading many books. Take it easy, Gemini.

Let not you heart be troubled. Continue to see the big picture. Sometimes you have to let something go to embrace the higher, Gemini.