Cancer july 2016


Cancer July 2016

In the next six months, most planets are on the Night Side of the Cancer horoscope. Time to focus on the home, family and emotional wellbeing. During the night, we gather strength for the next day. See this period as a time of recovery and preparation for things to come! In the first three weeks the Sun travels in your own sign of Cancer. The New Moon in Cancer on July 4, 2016 also falls in your House of Personality. July 2016 is about you, who you are and your desires.
Your inner confidence this month will get a huge boost!

Love and Relationships
Your inner vulnerabilities that you would rather hide from the outside world will be revealed in an intimate relationship. In a relationship you have to learn to deal with these uncertainties. Often your partner pay the consequence, and biting sarcasm when the full level of understanding and commitment is not obtained because of emotional blocks. There may be arguments about money this month, but that's just an excuse to clear the air. The real problems have to be tackled. Be honest and show what's on your heart. It is all about confidence and the fear of being cheated. Once these issues are resolved, love is raised to a higher level.
Forgive and forget.

Family and Home
Emotional responsibility is a big theme in July 2016 and that especially affects your family. Older family members can be demanding, but you know how to approach them in a calm and rational manner. The first week and the last week of July 2016 are aiming at communication. More emails, text messages and phone calls. Also, a short city trip belongs to the possibilities. July 2016 is a great month to visit a museum, architecture, or go to the theater or the movies. Your computer, mobile phone, car, bicycle or other means of transportation can be replaced or repaired. July 2016 is a social time to connect with family and friends. In the first three weeks you are going to visit family or family pays you a visit. July 2016 is also a good month for broadening your horizons like a home course or training.

July 2016 is a month of social work-related charity events and social events with colleagues. You are this month the perfectionist and passionate in financial matters both in your business and private. You want to do the right thing and you do not give up, despite obstacles. You expect from others the same attitude. The role of the management of your company in the local community is important for the future. Opposition is the last thing you need. Be creative! Hard work, integrity and making improvements clear the way to success.

July 2016 is a financially prosperous month. In the first three weeks of the month there will be money coming in and there will be sufficient financial resources. From July 13 2016 Venus travels through your House of Finance. On July 23, 2016, the Sun enters the sign of Leo, which is the threshold of your House of Finance. In the next four weeks you see an increase in revenue, but you spend it just as easy. Restraint is more appropriate. Put money aside as a nest egg. Sustainability, financial management, efficiency and cost savings in your company are crucial this month. Watch your spending pattern.

The Sun in the House of Personality makes you shine, Cancer. You want to treat yourself, and especially enjoying life. You are also active and you do everything possible to stay in shape. You look good, you look more in the mirror and step on the scale.
You want to go shopping and to the hairdresser. But then you get bored. The Universe is challenging you to stay sharp. In the first half of July 2016 you have to be careful on the road. You're just an accident waiting to happen, Cancer.

Not a good month for long-distance travel because of Neptune close to the South Node. Your inner confidence this month will get a huge boost. Use this to build a secure foundation for the future. You are buzzing with ideas. Write them down, because they are gems! Trust your instincts! Make changes now. Looks like the stars are aligning for you.