Aries july 2016


Aries July 2016

This month, the focus is mainly on love, balance and making the connection in your life, Aries.

Love and Relationships
In July 2016, love has found her way back into your life! Last month, you were more focused on yourself, but this month it’s about togetherness and sharing love.
The second half of July 2016 looks promising to find a new love. From July 13 2016 to August 5, 2016 Venus travels through your House of Love. Be honest, Aries. What is it that attracts you so much in that person? The appearance, the prestige, the money? Or is it about the content and making the connection? Keep asking yourself that question. Because of the influence of Venus you would be swept up by an attractive package, so it remains shallow.

Family and Home
Until July 22, 2016, the Sun remains in your Home and Family. Saturn is the planet of your Career and is still retrograde this month. What does this mean? Less focus on the career and more on home and family to get everything in order. At home and in the family things get very busy, even some altercations. Time to restore the balance. The best time for your home to remodel, to make improvements or to decorate the first half of July 2016. In the second half of July 2016 there is more time for creativity and to enjoy. This month is meant to get your affairs at home in order. This will not only benefit your career and finances, but also your relationship and last but not least yourself.

Saturn is your planet of Career. Saturn has been retrograded since March 25, 2016. Your career will remain the way it is right now. The Full Moon of July 19, 2016 falls in your House of Career. The prelude to a period in which your career will become important again. But first you need to fix your personal life. This month, emotions play a major role in your work. You feel antipathy for some people at work or customers. Although these feelings are correctly, it is best to keep it to yourself and distance yourself. Also do not promise more than you can deliver this month.

Overall a positive month for your finances. There will be opportunities to earn more money. Higher turnover in your company through the attraction of the favorable position of Venus, which is the planet of your Money. From July 13 2016 you are entering a period in which you are highly motivated to achieve results.
Self-control is a problem in July 2016. Make sure you do not spend more money than is justified. Otherwise, you'd better cut your credit card in half!

In the first three weeks of July 2016, you need to take good care of yourself. Make sure you take plenty of rest. You go through a period of clearing old emotional baggage that requires a lot of energy from you. Take the time to do so. July 2016 is a great month to make progress to a treatment. Good food, not too much, moderation in all things. Especially in the second half of July 2016 you will find that laughter and positivism is the great healing power for body, soul and spirit!

July 2016 is a month where you solve problems with a calm approach. Take time to think. When you do, the solution will naturally. Calm down, easy does it, Aries.