Taurus January 2016


Taurus January 2016

As of January 4 2016 Mars also enters the upper part of the Taurus-horoscope. In the next six months the outside world will be important. That does not mean that co-operation remains the key to success this month and the coming months!

Love and Relationships
January 2016 is a socially active month of passionate feelings. A month of love and hate. As of January 4 2016 Mars travels through your House of Relationships. You want to go your own way and have your own way. In a committed relationship, your partner will not like your attitude! Disagreements, however, may be necessary to clear the air. In the first week of January 2016 are the best opportunities for romance. This month there is more energy and vigor to work with your business partner. In your marriage or long term relationship there are practical things that need to be regulated. Take also the time to enjoy each other’s company, to cuddle and make love. Just be spontaneous and never mind the time!

Family and Home
In January 2016 your family get to know your new relationship. Your family is important for your personal life, but they also play a crucial role in supporting your career. Your family is perhaps even more ambitious than yourself! Career opportunities are possible through family or family relations. The first week of January 2016 is the most harmonious time to spend with the family. Perhaps at the end of January 2016 there is a short trip when your planet Venus travels with Mercury in Capricorn! The Full Moon of January 24, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Property. In the two weeks after the Full Moon, you plan to move or there is an actual relocation, renovation or changes in and around the house.

Your career is booming in January 2016. Your career planet is Uranus. Uranus goes direct again and when it does, you’re unstoppable too. The New Moon of January 10, 2016 is in the House of Travel. Business training, traveling for your work and contacts with foreign countries or foreigners are recurring themes this month. As of January 21, 2016 the Sun is in your House of Career and this increases your chances of employment and better study opportunities for students. January 2016 is a good month to reorganize your company or to take action to make and to keep your business profitable. A grounded, realistic attitude and good advice are essential in all transactions and financial affairs. A new marketing concept, a good website, self-presentation, good communication and creativity are essential to your business. Big decisions should however be postponed until the end of the month.

A financially complex month, Taurus. Mercury is your planet of Money. Mercury retrogrades from 5 to 25 January 2016. Mercury is the cause some delay and there’s nothing you can do about this. You have to wait. It is advisable to do major purchases or make financial decisions for January 5 or postpone these until after January 25, 2016. The retrograde period is an excellent opportunity to get your finances in order. Reduce as many outstanding debts as possible. Be clear in your communication about your finances.

Your health looks great this month. You start the new year with great spirits! With so many planets in the earth element, you feel fine.

Cooperation and communication skills are important at work. Collaboration is not obvious this month. You have to deal with jealousy and underhanded, contrived behavior. Know what you say and how you say it especially in the workplace and in the government. This is especially true in the first ten days of January 2016. Make sure you understand what is being said. Ask questions. Express yourself. Miscommunication is often the cause of delay and procrastination. At the end of this month you make a decision after a long and wise deliberation.