Scorpio January 2016


Scorpio January 2016

Except Jupiter, all the planets are at the lower part of the Scorpio horoscope. This is the Night Side or the inner world. In this biannual cycle you are involved in emotional processing and building emotional security for the next cycle in which the outside world will become important.

Love and Relationships
Venus is your planet of Love. Venus travels in the first three weeks of January 2016 through Sagittarius. A new relationship takes you all the way up! You want to know where you stand with your partner. Especially you want emotional security! You are a little suspicious. That’s the reason why you make errors of assessment. Venus travels from January 24, 2016 through Capricorn. From that moment on, you tend to show less affection or express emotions. But your mystical detachment ans inaccessibility exerts a certain appeal!
Say what's on your heart and do it before January 5, 2016 or put it off until the end of January 2016. When Mercury retrogrades, you may be misunderstood with all its consequences. Remember, Speech is silver, silence is golden.
An old friend crosses your path, creating clarity and you can finish something or close a door.

Family and Home
The New Moon of January 10, 2016 falls in your House of Communication, short trips, Siblings, Uncles and Aunts, neighbors and acquaintances. There will be many visitors at your house or you're going to pay them a visit. From this moment you look back to the past and view some photographs from your childhood. To create a little place of your own, you clean up the attic or basement.
Mercury retrogrades this month. Because of that there are problems with daily living / work, so try to leave home a little earlier in order to get on time!
As of January 24, 2016 Home, Family, and Family become number one. Building and maintaining a harmonious home environment is vital to have success in your career. Emotional harmony is the pillar of social success!

Mars is the planet of your work. On January 4, 2016, Mars enters your House of Personality. Until early March 2016, the focus is on independence and your personal wishes! Especially in the world of media and entertainment Scorpio gets job offers. In your own company you get the right personnel. The problem is that you are less inspired, more impatient and a little moody. You want to force things and push through. More haste less speed, Scorpio. Use this Mars energy constructively. January 2016 good month to make a good impression on clients or your boss. Great month for networking. Use this personal magnetism and charm to expand your customer base and impress or impress your boss! The Full Moon of January 24, 2016 falls in your House of Career. A romance may occur in the workplace, but it is fleeting and transient. A business trip should be postponed until the end of the month.

Jupiter is your planet of Finance. Although Jupiter turns retrograde this month, Jupiter receives warm support from the Sun! Especially the second week of January 2016 looks good! There may be some delays, but do not worry. It'll all turn out fine. In any case there will be financial clarity which makes you stronger when Jupiter turns direct in May 2016. To avoid financial problems, it is advisable to postpone major purchases or investments until May 2016.

Mars is your planet of Health. On January 4 2016 to March 6 2016, Mars enters your sign, Scorpio. Through the influence of Mars, you have more energy and self confidence. A good month to excel in some form of sport. Or a long walk!

Saturn in Sagittarius will stay until the end of December 2017 in your House of Finance. During this time your finances are reorganized as a result of earlier decisions. During this period you have to deal with financial constraints and challenges. January 2016 is a financially good month, even though you can experience this otherwise.