Sagittarius January 2016


Sagittarius January 2016

January 2016 is the start of a strong cosmic period for Sagittarius. Your personal and universal solar cycle is in the Waxing phase. The next few months are particularly suited to present something new to the world. Collaboration and social connections are indispensable!

Love and Relationships
Love is a little complicated this month. Your planet of Relationships is Mercury. Mercury retrogrades from 5 to January 24, 2016. Because of this, you sense a lack of direction. Both you and your loved one do not know which way to turn. January 2016 will clarify things. Free Sagittarius is flirtatious and hunting, but it remains volatile and without obligations. Social contacts are important this month. This month you have difficulty expressing emotions. Your partner do not understand your objective attitude. Emotions can not always be rationalized. Trivializing a situation can not always be pleasant for your partner.

Family and Home
Your career planets Mercury and Jupiter turn retrograde this month. Your career is going well or remains the way it is, but it's good to shift your energy to the home, family and your emotional well-being. This period is intended to bring your personal life and emotional life in balance with your career and social objectives.
Relationships with siblings may not run smoothly this month. You may feel as though no one listens to your story. Perhaps it may be the case that they are angry with you because you have neglected them or you told the truth in a direct way.

Mercury and Jupiter planets are important for your career, Sagittarius. They both turn retrograde this month. Mercury from 5 to 24 January 2016 and Jupiter from January 8 2016 (until May 8, 2016). Mercury retrograde could lead to disruption and delays in the transport sector and logistics. Conditions that have to do with your career or business may be put on the back burner or require more time to be solved. Don’t impose decisions. January 2016 is a busy but great month for learning new skills and meeting new people through work, but also for finding employment. Good month for sales and promotion of your business so that you keep your competitive advantage. January 2016 is an interesting and productive month for the traveling industry, medical world, interpreters, teachers, lawyers, doctors, writers and IT specialists.

The New Moon of January 10, 2016 falls in your House of Finance. A good time to discuss how money should be invested. It may be so that you want to buy or renovate a house. Maybe you save some money for a car or vacation. Or establish a pension plan. Pluto gives you a good financial instinct! In the first three weeks of January 2016, the Sun travels through your House of Finances. A profitable period! Because of the Full Moon of January 24, 2016 you make a profit from abroad, foreigners and foreign companies. Also a good position for the traveling industry. As of January 24, 2016 will get financial support from friends and partners when Venus and Mercury are in the House of Finance.

Venus is the planet of your health. Venus travels until January 23, 2016 through Sagittarius. The first three weeks are beneficial. A good health is valuable not only for yourself but also for your world. You look great and you reap appreciation for your style and appearance. Note, however, your diet because you tend to eat and drink too much, especially your liver needs to be protected. After January 24, 2016 you must pay attention to your spine, knees, teeth and bones. Make an appointment for a massage!

The first week of January 2016 makes a good start. The last week of January 2016 looks good. After January 5, 2016 Mercury retrogrades causes delays and misunderstandings. Your determination and stamina is needed! The cycle of the Crescent Moon is the best time to start something new. That is the period from 10 to January 24, 2016.
Be less objective and share your feelings!