Pisces January 2016


Pisces January 2016

January 2016 starts with almost all the planets on the eastern side of the Pisces-horoscope. Personal power and independence are important in the next six months. On March 7 2016 Mars will follow. A time of self-reliance, independence, personal empowerment and responsibility dawns. The New Moon of January 10, 2016 shows that social contacts are important for the course of your career. But your personal happiness is number one and for that you are responsible.

Love and Relationships
January 2016 is loving, but also complicated. Jupiter travels since mid-August 2015 through your House of Relationships. Jupiter brings love and friendships in your life. In the solid relationship there’s room for forgiveness and fun. It's also possible that you have a relationship that can be demanding. Either way you have to learn to do a lot of compromising. Love is possible only when you know how to build bridges.The Full Moon of January 24, 2016 falls in your House of daily Work. In the workplace a romance can emerge or you meet someone on a business trip or you meet a person who is working in the same industry as you. This romance is developing rapidly, but remains superficially with a certain distance. Enjoy the moment.

Family and Home
The top half of the Pisces-horoscope is busy in January 2016. Your career requires a lot of energy and attention. Fortunately things at home will be fine. Mercury is your planet of Home and Family. Mercury retrogrades from 5 to 24 January 2016. Domestic issues and family issues will be naturally. So you can focus with confidence on your career and social goals.

In January 2016 there are encounters with people who open doors for you in society. Saturn in your House of Career, however, shows that you will reach the top on their own. Your efforts are noticed by your boss or colleagues. On 13 and January 14, 2016, the Sun trines Jupiter. Good chance for a new job!
January 2016 is a month to approach customers or clients in a new way. Your old approach may not work anymore. This month the focus is on the outside. Delays on the road and issues with customs, excise duties and security can be the source of stress and frustration. Make sure your documents are in order. It is advisable also to be aware of legal issues and claims. But also know what your rights are as an employee! In your own business there is a good atmosphere and in a new job you know how to fit in very well.

January 2016 is a financially successful month! On January 4, 2016 Mars enters the water sign of Scorpio and makes a pleasant Trine with Neptune, the universal ruler of Pisces horoscope! Especially Pisces who works in the banking industry will benefit from this energy.

January 2016 is a good time to keep a journal or blog! Writing is a good way to come to terms with unresolved emotions. When you read back whet you wrote, you get insight into yourself and know why things happen or are the way they are. Poems and music take you into the deeper layers of your Being. January 2016 is a good period for a form of therapy to get in tune with yourself.

Jupiter is the planet of your career. January 2016 is a successful, but also intricate month. Jupiter turns retrograde from January 8, 2016. There is not much growth in your career. Small steps forward, slowly and steadily. On May 8, 2016 Jupiter turns direct again. In the coming months you have to consult yourself or your career direction is correct. Reconsider. Back to the drawing board. Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.