Leo January 2016


Leo January 2016


The month of January 2016 is dedicated to social contacts, togetherness and love! From January 4th, 2016 almost all planets are situated on the western side of the Leo horoscope. The planetary forces are directed towards the other and your relationships. More than ever you need a diplomatic stance. The Full Moon of January 24, 2016 falls in your House of Personality! You are attuned to the deeper aspects of your relationship, but also to a deeper relationship with yourself.

Love and Relationship
Mercury retrogrades in Leo’s House of Relationships. Developments in love proceed slowly. Because of the presence of Venus and Saturn in your House of Love, January is not really a month to make progress. Problems in love and relationships that occur at this time are related to deep-rooted problems of the past that have not been resolved yet. It may be a person from the past or a family member that evokes unpleasant feelings for you. You need to clean up the legacy of the past, or matters will never improve.The bachelor Leo finds comfort in friendships. Have patience until next month when love will cross your path.

Family and House
In January 2016 you have some catching up to do. Your home, domestic life and emotional processing ask for your attention. Since November 2015 you have been dealing with problems concerning your siblings. Perhaps you closed a door. With Mars in your House of Family and Home, the focus is on family, home and your sense of emotional wellbeing and dealing with the past. Next month you will show new you to the world.

The New Moon on January 11, 2016 falls in your House of Work. For Leo this is a great moment to start a new project. Your personal solar cycle and the universal solar cycle are in their growing phase. Think of it as a rebirth, Leo. Mercury goes retrograde on January 5, 2016 and it would be wise to settle all contract negotiation, business partnerships, domestic financial issues and other legal matters before that date. After January 6, 2016 it is difficult to make appointments and to get down to business or to take adequate action. Read the small print in January 2016. Something may be overlooked.

De position of Jupiter in your House of Finances promises profit and prosperity. The second week of January 2016 looks financially promising, also favorable for investments. A prosperous day is January 14, 2016, then the Sun trines Jupiter. Mercury is your planet of Finance. Mercury retrogrades from 5 to 24 January 2016. Mercury may put the brake on matters. Major purchases or financial decisions should happen before January 5, 2016 or wait until after January 25, 2016.

Slow down! You go through a period of letting go and getting rid of unhealthy situations in your life. An old ailment can emerge. Take good care of yourself. Ensure good nutrition, vitamins C and D, fresh air and tranquility. You need a lot of sleep. You miss the power of the Sun! Your hips and kidneys need attention. From January 21, 2016 you will find yourself and your overall fitness improves.

Despite Mercury, January 2016 is a great month to start a new project. The cycle of the Crescent Moon is the best time to do that. In January 2016 is this period from 10 to 24 January 2016. January 2016 is a very creative month. Especially at the end of the month you are inspired to make changes in your life.